True Vulnerability is Not for Wimps!

In past generations, the act of being vulnerable was seen as a weakness, a sign of letting your guard down and being small. As a culture, we’re clearly in the process of redefining what it means to be vulnerable. It takes a lot of courage to let down our defenses and simply show up in the present moment being open, receptive, honest and compassionate. It’s as if there’s a collective fear that in so doing, we’ll be run down by those that are “stronger” and more aggressive.

Yet, isn’t this mindset part of an old paradigm that is desperately needing to change in order to solve todays most pressing problems? How can the human race continue to grow and cultivate healthy relationships and choices unless we are willing to truly listen to one another and share our essential needs and concerns?

(c) Carl Studna

It’s imperative that we model being vulnerable with our loved ones, at work, at the bank, and in all situations where we’re conditioned to close down and protect ourselves from getting hurt.  I’m not suggesting that we be like a bowling pin that flies into oblivion, being the target of an expert bowler. We must be discerning as to who and when we fully open and rest assuredly in our truth, for when our authentic truth is leading the way, there is nothing to fear.

Fully listening to others without needing to strategize our response is an act of vulnerability. Simply trusting that both perspectives are valid and being willing to rest in the spaciousness between the words is where we discover a meeting place for true understanding.

We’re being asked to discover effective ways of telling the truth in a way that’s not based in blame where anyone is at fault.  This requires accessing a tender compassion for ourselves and the courage to recognize and release any judgments present toward others or living within us.

This is the new frontier. It’s time that we honor and cherish those tender, vulnerable moments and trust that our willingness to soften provides the atmosphere for healing, unity and fulfilled needs for everyone.

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