Through Mystic Eyes

Usually when we think of someone that’s considered a mystic, they are seen as deeply holy, in the realm of a sage or avatar; individuals such as St. Francis, Joan of Arc, and Meister Eckhart  come to mind. All of these people have had faith in, and followed an inner vision that the society have not seen or believed possible.

Perhaps these rare individuals are not so rare in today’s world. As humankind continues to open to our unlimited possibilities, our senses expand and we become more attuned to the subtle energies and forces around us. Science and spirituality seem to be merging as quantum physics continues to prove that everything is energy and what we see with the outer eye is a demonstration or reflection of what we see within our inner vision.

The greater that we become more sensitive to these subtle energy forces that weave throughout our life experience, we tap into that innate, ever-present wisdom. As we learn to see and experience life anew in each moment, our conditioned ways of being begin to dissipate and we become filled with a greater sense of wonder, awe and splendor. We learn to cultivate a deeper trust in what we don’t see with the outer eyes and trust in the infinite realms of possibilities that mold and form our physical world.

(c) Carl Studna

Living in this state of wonder takes great faith as the physical world often tries to convince us that infinite forms of fear, doubt and worry are the real truth, that somehow we’re being naïve or blind if we don’t buy into all of the constrictive limited thinking that breeds war, hatred and disease. Our conviction must be unshakeable as we strengthen our practice of dancing in the inner realms and deepening daily to our subtle ways of being.

When we no longer believe in fear, we are free to fully embrace the light that is the true essence of our existence, and we begin seeing what others do not. From this heightened state, the light guides our path and all becomes clear, on-purpose and inspired. We naturally become leaders through our loving way of being while giving of our grandest gifts. As Gandhi so simply stated, “Be the change you wish to see.”

Trust the mystic that resides at the core of your being and witness life’s grand adventure shape a world so richly laced in love, grace and true fulfillment as you allow your inner guidance to be your master. Now is the time. Your truth is beckoning.

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