Living Above the Clouds

It’s such a privilege to live in an historical time where living a life of freedom is becoming more prevalent throughout the world. In Western culture, it’s become common that many of us take the act of freedom for granted, but in terms of human history, we’ve been living free lives for such a short period of time…just a blink of the evolutionary eye. Given how recently we’ve acquired this precious gift, one would think that we’d hold this unalienable right in deep gratitude and cherish our ability to make daily choices that in yesteryear where not an option.

(c) Carl Studna

Yet, we humans seem to adapt to our environments so quickly and often have an expectation in our ability to make daily decisions based in freedom, without the awareness related to the power of our thoughts.  We in Western culture are not only endowed with outward freedoms based in human rights, but also the inward freedom to choose thoughts, beliefs and actions that will serve us and those around us in the most beneficial of ways; yet many forget the power of this choice. Imagine inventing the wheel, but only using it as a house decoration!

How often do our emotions stop us from making choices that are based in inspired thought and vision? How often do we get caught up in the seeming effects of our lives and allow these circumstances to bring us down? Imagine a dark and overcast series of days where the clouds hover above you and the light around you is dim. Experiencing consecutive days in this environment might bring feelings of gloom and depression. Now imagine the sun breaking out and the crystal blue sky filling you with color, light and brilliance. Instantly, you feel rejuvenated and your spirits awaken to the infinite choices around you.

We are not the slaves of our emotions, yet we often limit our choices based on how we’re feeling. It’s time that we recognize that the sun is always shining above the clouds and we have the freedom in each moment to access the sun’s brilliance and have it fill us with the light of illumined clarity and wisdom. As we tap into this ever-present resource, we make daily choices that access our highest potential while also providing great service to those around us.

Choose to live above the clouds and witness the pure wonder and glory of your freedom.

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