Creating Your Day

If a genie were to magically appear before you granting one wish, and you told him that you would like to create the perfect day for yourself throughout the rest of your life, what would you create? Who would be with you? Where would you be, and what would you be doing?

(c) Carl Studna

It’s imperative that we ask these questions and truly envision how our lives would look if we were living our ultimate dreams. What would it feel like in your body and in your energetic field if you felt fully free, empowered and on-purpose, fulfilling your ultimate desires?

Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Evolve Your Brain teaches how your thoughts and emotions become hard-wired in the brain, how to recognize the patterns we want to change, and how to create new, positive habits that will not only change your life, but also change you.

Dr. Joe is known for a simple technique that assists us in creating each day anew. When you awake each morning, before you raise your head from the pillow, take a minute to claim the truth you wish to embody for the day.

Examples might be:
• I have always been fully loved and supported.
• I have always been healthy, strong and vital.
• My needs have always been met, on time and in time.
• I have always been inspired, on-purpose and financially successful.

What makes this practice truly potent and effective is our willingness to genuinely feel into each statement and allow our brain to rewire its way of operating. In time, with repetition and belief, we truly can rewire our brain through acting as if these statements are true in our lives right now. Even if they haven’t given evidence of being “real,” the act of seeding these beliefs into the field around us serves as a magnet for bringing them into physical form.

We are energetic beings and whatever message we’re projecting outwardly into the collective field will be seen, felt and responded to. Allow the soil of your mind to be fertile and rich in nutrients and watch the seeds that you plant flourish with the daily brilliance of light that shines through your unwavering conviction, trust and belief.

…..and don’t forget to give thanks to the genie for your freedom to choose the life of your dreams, now!

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