The Camera Never Lies

All people, whether a high profile celebrity or an everyday person have the choice of either putting on a mask or being real in front of a camera. It comes down to how safe we feel within ourselves to express our true nature.

When we’re in front of a camera, I call this devise a revealer of truth as it has no bias and is impartial; it simply reflects back to us where our consciousness or awareness is being placed in each moment. We can use the camera as a tool for either presenting a genuine or false image of our self, the choice is up to us.

(c) Carl Studna

Celebrity status does not ensure a true sense of self-confidence. I’ve photographed an equal amount of folks in the limelight as those that are not, and the commonality is that everyone needs to feel honored and cared for. It’s up to me to see everyone as equal and provide a genuinely loving environment where Jane Doe or the most famous man in the world can truly feel seen, safe and secure.

Years ago, I was at a fundraiser and had the opportunity to chat with one of the most talented and accomplished actors of our time. I was working on a portrait book photographing well-known people who inspire me, so I seized the opportunity and asked this iconic actress if she’d be willing to pose for the book. Her response came as a big surprise. She shared that having her picture taken was one of the most uncomfortable and difficult obligations in her life, consequently, she passed on my request.

This interaction served as a deep reminder for me that we can be masters at our craft and appear to be extremely confident and successful, yet carry intensely unfavorable past experiences with having our picture taken.

I see the beauty and perfection in everyone, making no distinction or exception.

All people are beautiful and perfect at their core and I have the honor of visually reflecting this truth back to others through the photographic medium. We have the rich opportunity to use this most unique craft as a tool for opening to our truest, most radiant nature that rests at the core of our being.

Allow the camera to be your friend and let us see the real you!

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