Clarity Amidst Confusion

With all of the constant stimuli around us, remaining clear and focused each day has truly become an art form. Distractions are everywhere, ranging from the media to the internet, we are constantly being tested on how focused we remain in our center without being swayed by outside influences. Most of us in Western culture grow up in an atmosphere where we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others; in school, in our homes, on television, in magazines and through the worldwide web. Our circle of influence has become so vast that most children (unless devotedly taught otherwise) lose a part of themselves through this constant comparison with society’s styles, fads, and values.

Is it any wonder why so many in our society feel confused, lost or apathetic? With all of the static around us, it’s not easy to hear a clear, purposeful directive; akin to driving a car and not remembering your destination. It’s necessary that we constantly reassess our values and goals to make sure that we’re remaining grounded in a genuine sense of purpose that’s coherent with our heart’s wisdom. It’s up to us as we re-parent ourselves to then share this wisdom with our children, our grandchildren and throughout the world wherever possible.

Some helpful questions to ask:
•    In this life, what is important to me above all else?
•    What gifts and talents can I offer to others?
•    What truly ignites and inspires me?
•    What can I do today that will bring me a greater sense of fulfillment?
•    What would it take to feel fully loved, whole and complete within myself?

(c) Carl Studna

If you meditate, bring these questions into your daily meditation practice. If you journal, allow yourself to remain open and see what truths come through. Plant these seeds into your daily ritual and they will, in time, become a natural part of your constant awareness. Initiate dialogues with the youth around you and assist them in learning how to tap into their own internal guidance that speaks genuinely to honoring their unique path.

Remember, at birth we are wide open channels and we naturally radiate our perfect and exquisite imprint, unlike anyone else!

Clarity always exists at the center of our being. As we shine the light of truth into those deep, dark crevices of our conditioned responses, our genuine values and radiant purpose is set free to shine in a life steeped in wisdom, truth and rich fulfillment.

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