Be the Fit

(c) Carl Studna

Most of us grew up in a culture telling us directly or indirectly that we must fit in and not “rock the boat.” Consequently, many of us have succumbed to jobs, relationships and activities that have been based in radical compromise to our inherent calling. There are an enormous amount of people that aren’t even aware of their innate gifts and highest purpose due to an early on decision based in settling for mediocrity. Yet, at the time, it didn’t feel like a decision, as our society tells us that (bottom line) we have no choice in the matter; that we MUST be responsible and settle for what’s practical.

It’s necessary that we challenge this social belief, look it straight in the face and recognize that we do have a choice. We can claim our gifts and become masters at our crafts. Whether you’re gifted as an accountant, an artist or scientist, the world is waiting for you to fully give your unique expression, like no one else can!

Throughout my thirty-four year career as a photographer, I’ve had many opportunities along the way with many seeming rejections and failures. Yet, when I look back at my greatest successes, there has always been one component present that has served as my rudder, my place to lead from. Whenever I have fully shown up feeling relaxed, joy-filled, and enthused to share my gifts, receptivity has always followed.

In 1991, I vividly remember sitting with Paul McCartney’s manager in his London office and having the best time getting to know each other. There was not an ounce of trying on my part to get anything from this man. I was fully surrendered to exploring if my talent and personality would be a good fit for photographing Sir Paul….and if so, great! I left his office feeling light, connected and on-purpose, appreciating the interaction and truly liking this man.

Rather than trying to fit in, I was being the fit!

Several weeks later, I get a call and am offered the opportunity to spend two days photographing Paul McCartney while he’s shooting a video at Skywalker Ranch, home to George Lucas’s company, “Industrial Light and Magic.” Everything about this experience was in perfect flow and rhythm without a trace of trying on everyone’s part. It felt as if I was a part of a larger organism, simply showing up fully and offering my craft to the best of my ability. The photos turned out wonderfully, and I was left with a rich sense of gratitude, on many levels.

Today, this week, and this month, tap into your intuition and follow the path that provides your perfect fit. No effort necessary…simply honor and allow.

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