You Are Special

You Are Special November 6, 2013

We have 7 billion people on this planet. And all of them are special. I am not speaking to gifts, athletic abilities, but to the core of each of us. Since most us don’t feel into ourselves, we spend a lot of time separating ourselves from people.  We use tools called judgment, and criticism when we want to be special. That kind of specialness is driven from fear, I am speaking to the innate specialness that no body can take away from you.  It is part of the reason we rush to church, spiritual centers, and communities. So we can rest in the comfort of like minded people who believe in what we believe.  But even those communities if they are on point, are helping us grow past them and connect to the world in a new way.  That new way is by connecting to our inner world. And being with nature. That inner movement within, that takes care of the plants and animals without us getting in the way.

As we come inward, to our spiritual center, we recognize who we are are. We see the wholeness of us and the places that are scared. Our specialness is no longer derived from approval or proving. We recognize that those tactic’s are born of fear and delusion. Knowing our specialness thrives on our happiness, joy, and peace of mind.  What if everyone you met today, you saw as special? How would that change the relationship?  I notice in my life how quickly things change when someone announces what they do. But we fail to recognize we are not what we do, we are first “beings”. We are people. A celebrity is a person that is glamorized in the media. But they are first a person.

We are told in our society to possess things, own things, and then we try and do the same with each other.  But we are not possessions, something to be owned. We are innately made to love. Whether you call that love divine and make it more special or whether you put the label away, and just call it love.  What is truly special about each of us, is our love, our compassion, our service, our wisdom, and our kindness for each other.  Are there people who are hurt, unhappy, miserable, and hateful, yes there are. But they are still special.  Because they are simply calling out for love.  Does it mean you go and find them and try and fix them and make them like you? No. But when you meet them, you see them, and listen fully. Because they probably don’t see themselves.  That is why they are unhappy. And frankly, each of us have been there too.

I hope today you embrace the love you are.  Practice it, live it, and go for it.

Love you!

      David Matthew Brown: Founder of Heartspirational, and is considered a Heart Whisperer. He works with clients all over the world. His gift is to hear your heart and listen to what you need.

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