The Book Of Innocence

The Book Of Innocence November 14, 2013

1. Innocence is the wonderment of life.
2. With innocence comes playfulness and joy.
3. Innocence is pure and purity is found where it has always
been, right now.
4. The search, seeking, reading, questioning, and road stops
here. It is when the world out there is finally released to the
inner world. And all at once everything is one.
5. Both feminine and masculine exist here. Not as duality but

6. Like a child curious of the next breath is where innocence
7. Nature is the guide, heart is the brain, and being is alive.
8. Innocence celebrates laughter and playfulness because it
knows that everything is coming and going, and it is useless
to hold on to anything, or anybody.
9. Innocence is awake but not as a final outcome of the mind
but as the realization of now.
10. All things, which were a constant reminder, fall away in the
beauty of this grace. Grace is innocence.
11. All prayers are answered here.
12. Thinking about things, memories, attachments, have
dropped away.
13. Innocence is a channel for the presence. All great work,
ideas, artists, come from innocence.
14. Tomorrow, yesterday are past, so there is no more running
to or away from anything.
15. Innocence is awareness, awareness is observing, observing
is natural.
16. Innocence is compassionate understanding.
17. If you are thinking about this and wondering if you are
innocent, or finding yourself comparing, competing, then
perhaps now would be the time to put this down and walk
in nature.
18. Nature is innocence.
19. Love is innocent, unburdened by yesterday, unburdened by
the world, and unburdened by judgments of self.
20. Purity is innocent. Just like water is the pure, gasoline of the
body temple, purity is the energy of love.
21. Purity is dropping heaviness of energy.
22. Talking about it, judging your self, and others will not allow
it to be, because it is already here.
23. As discovered in Part 1 and 2, silence is nothing and nothing
exists without investment. When you invest in love, which
is enough, you will see nothing is lacking at all. When you
invest in fixing, repairing, changing, and resisting, which
are acceptable behaviors in the world, then you exist in
debt. Debt is to invest in lack. When you lack attention in the
present, then you are indebted. If you invest in only now,
then you invest in opportunities. Opportunities are only
found now.
24. A child is innocent till made to feel guilty.
25. Right now you may feel guilty or in shame about what was,
what will be, but remember that all is seen and unseen. How
can an innocent child be guilty? When it has done nothing
26. Innocence is alarmingly simple. But since the investment is
being made in tomorrow, then the energy of now is lacking.
It is as though you keep taking gas out of the car and asking
yourself, “Why doesn’t the car run?” If you keep the gas in
the car, then you will be able to move moment to moment
without being scared of your own creation. God didn’t
create fear. So where does this fear exist, other then in a
place that doesn’t exist. So is fear a belief in a creation that
doesn’t exist? If it is, then by putting attention on a place
that doesn’t exist, the place will go away. When the place
goes away then it can’t be real, it can’t be the truth. Correct.
And yet the focus is on this place all the time.
27. Innocence is awareness.
28. There is nothing that exists that hasn’t existed until attention
is put on it. When attention is put on the real, all else goes
29. A child plays in the sand box. The child creates a game with
other children. They make up rules, they make the game up,
and then they create again. The game is always playful and
fun and it includes everyone. Does your games include
everyone? Or are they excluded?
30. Innocence is freedom to play and learn, nothing more. No
right or wrong.
31. Innocence uses the word sorry to delete the messages of the
unreal. Sorry is a suggestion to yourself and others that you
were simply not being loving in that moment. Sorry is not a
punishment, sorry is not making your self right, and the
other wrong, sorry is the simple awareness that we are one,
and for a brief moment it was forgotten.
32. Innocence acknowledges selfless living.
33. There is no judge or jury even if someone lies to you, in
innocence one does not hold on to it and punish the person.
The innocent one understands where the lie came from.
Forgives and moves on.
34. Purity has no grudges for another, for it knows the other as
it self.
35. A tree stands strong in the ground; it moves with the wind,
and losses its leaves continuously. New leaves replace the
old and this is natural. Things come and things go. Life is
36. Again please be reminded that if innocence is an idea or
image in your mind then you are missing the point.
37. You cannot act innocent, pure, and find it.
38. Animals are innocent and people are too. Punishment for
our selves comes from not loving. The student punishes it
self for doing cruel things. Withholding love from yourself
and others is an act of punishment, and that is cruel. That is
39. Children ask questions from curiosity, which is innocence.

   This was taken from, “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening” Written By David Matthew Brown

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The Book Of Light:The Heart Opening


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