New Book in R3 Book Series on Womanist Preaching

The R3 book series is pleased to announce the publication of The Womanist Preacher: Proclaiming Womanist Rhetoric from the Pulpit by Kimberly P. Johnson. Pre-order your copy today! About the Book:The Womanist Preacher: Proclaiming Womanist Rhetoric from the Pulpit performs a close textual analysis of five womanist sermons to answer the question: how does womanist preaching attempt to transform/adapt the tenets of womanist thought to make it rhetorically viable in the church? And what is g … [Read more...]

#DarriusStewart and Policing in America

Our editor, Dr. Andre E. Johnson was the guest on Let's Talk About It hosted by Twana Coleman on Memphis radio station WLOK. Johnson addressed the death of Darrius Stewart at the hands of former police officer Connor Schilling and talked about policing in America. You can download and listen to the conversation here. … [Read more...]

Two Years Later: Remembering Sandra Bland

by Toniesha TaylorJuly 16, 2015, was the day students started coming to my office to have their transfer documents signed so they could leave the university. I was Interim Department Head, and they need my signature. I talked with every one of them about their reason for leaving. They only had one. Sandra Bland. Some said it was because she died or was killed they all said she was a Panther. They told me they couldn't stay at a university that would let what happen to Sandra Bland happen … [Read more...]

The Fourth of July is a Day to #Resist

by Michael J. Steudeman First posted on Citizen Critics. Once again, stores are stocked with miniature flags and coal for grilling. Americans are breaking out picnic blankets and American flag-themed apparel. At the same time, many Americans are buying poster-board and writing up calls to “Resist.” In a year marked by the largest protests in American history, a number of groups are planning demonstrations and marches on the Independence Day holiday. For a country where refusing to stand f … [Read more...]

When Demons Are Not Discussed

by Derrick HolmesPosted first at Are You Up Yet?In the 5th Chapter of the Luke’s Gospel, we find a particular passage of scripture.  One in which Jesus is having a very curious conversation with an unlikely collaborator.  The context in which the text occurs suggests that Jesus has traveled across the sea of Galilee with His disciples for the purpose of releasing a man who is possessed by demons.  Jesus arrives in the Gadarenes and is met by this beleaguered brother. The demonic infl … [Read more...]

A Theology of Prayer – The Language of the Humble

by Matt VegaOn June 14, I posted a status on Facebook confessing my lack of a daily devotional life (reading the bible and praying). Over time, it felt like a waste of precious time when I could be reading more relevant/urgent things – like how to dismantle racism- and I didn’t want to feel outdated. Christians are always saying “we need to be leading the way in X,Y, or Z” (which is, by the way, problematic).   Sadly, because of my experience with many evangelicals, I confused devotional li … [Read more...]

When Juries Cannot See Black People as Human

Today a jury in Minnesota (not Mississippi or Memphis) acquitted former officer Jeronimo Yanez in the murder of Philando Castile. You may remember this shooting (I know, there have been so many). It was the one where Diamond Reynolds, Castile's fiance, live-streamed his death on Facebook. Despite the many accounts that said that Castile followed Officer Yanez's instructions, he still shot Castile seven times. Immediately after murdering him and despite Reynolds recording the incident, when asked … [Read more...]

Call for Papers: Race, Religion, and Black Lives Matter

Race, Religion, and Black Lives Matter: Essays on a Moment and a MovementEdited by Christopher Cameron and Phillip Luke Sinitiere            The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement began in 2013 the moment a Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman of Trayvon Martin’s murder. Yet, the movement symbolizes far more than the moment of Martin’s death. It inaugurated a new moment of opposition and insurgency against white supremacy’s expansive obscenities, most notably against the backdrop of the Ob … [Read more...]

I’m Not Racist; I’m Nostalgic for Racial Terror

by George F. (Guy) McHendry Jr.First published at Citizen Critics. We thank the editors for allowing us to cross post this piece.For over a century a 16.5-foot-tall statue of Robert E. Lee towered over the city of New Orleans, standing as a symbol of the Confederate insurrection and various campaigns of racial terror throughout American history (slavery, Reconstruction, segregation, redlining, Jim Crow, and mass incarceration to name a few). This month the statue of Lee, and other … [Read more...]

Call for Papers: American Society for the History of Rhetoric

The American Society for the History of Rhetoric (ASHR) Interest Group of the Southern States Communication Association (SSCA) invites submissions for the 2018 convention in Nashville, Tennessee. While we always welcome submissions concerning the history of rhetoric broadly, for the 2018 convention we especially encourage work relating to 1) the robust history of the city of Nashville and the state of Tennessee, 2) the role of rhetoric, race, and religion 3) the rhetoric of the Civil Rights … [Read more...]