Freedom From the Enemy Called Self by Robert Ricciardelli

Being transformed into the image of God is a process of being disenchanted with our deceptive ego, realizing how deficient it really is. The only way people can ever be freed from their fears is to be freed from themselves. There is a direct association between the amount of fear in our lives and the amount of attachment we have to ourselves. The person who is beyond fear has given up the need to control or possess. This person knows who they are in the eyes of God, nothing more and nothing less. They do not need to impress others, because they live in the freedom of authentic self. In Christ, you are free to live the reality life, for you have been given the victory once and for all over the enemy of false self.

Have you examined the integrity of yourself lately?

Are you becoming free from fear or any other self-centered distractions?

Are you ready to go forward in the beauty of who you really are, regardless of what others might think or say?

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