NY Times Covers Foxhole Atheist Justin Griffith’s Activism

The New York Times ran a high-visibility story on the foxhole atheist activist projects that I've spearheaded in the last 6 months. FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — In the military, there are more than 3,000 chaplains who minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of active duty troops, regardless of their faiths. The vast majority are Christians, a few are Jews or Muslims, one is a Buddhist. A Hindu, possibly even a Wiccan may join their ranks soon.But an atheist?Strange as it sounds, groups r … [Read more...]

My Dad Wishes Me Happy Easter and Completely Debunks Science

My Dad is pretty awesome. Hope you, Tianna and Baby Zoe are having a great Easter.  And don't forget the reasoning for the seasoning!Have you considered alternate explanations for things that 'science' tries to tell us?  I offer this bit for your consideration:So while you're all concerned about atheists in foxholes, the real question should be: "ARE THERE DINOSAURS IN FOXHOLES?"Just sayin'.-Dad Flawless.Which reminds me of the ultimate debate tactic that many Christian apologists e … [Read more...]

Tornadoes are evil and my cat is a bastard

I was gone for two minutes.In the meantime, Zero did this (above)The speakers were freaking out with loud error beeps (which continued for several minutes after I removed him). There is no way he was comfortable, and he clearly has a spiteful 'In your face' smile.Damage done:closed 3 email replies (not recovered) launched VLC crashed VLC crashed a browser (twice actually because he opened hundreds of tabs, and I was naive enough to try to restore my tabs)So instead of that really … [Read more...]

Rock Beyond Belief Has Officially Resubmitted With Fort Bragg

It's official - last night, we resubmitted our packet to Fort Bragg for an autumn date.Yesterday, I visited Fort Bragg's Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) office that was assigned to support our first attempt. Later, we officially resubmitted Rock Beyond Belief's packet. I even brought my daughter, Zoe Madalyn Griffith (2 months old now!) She is like a secret weapon because she is so cute. No word back from Fort Bragg or MWR just yet, keep an eye out.Above: Rock Beyond Belief's Project … [Read more...]

Wrecked Beyond Belief – Tornado Strikes My Neighborhood

All apologies for the recent quiet period on this site, but disaster has literally struck. April 16 brought multiple fierce tornadoes to many parts of North Carolina, including the Fayetteville area that surrounds Fort Bragg.This was a house in my neighborhood. The same scene plays out over long tracks of these streets, skipping over some and pummeling others. Luckily, our house was spared severe damage. But it was close. Just down the street, there is a house where nothing remains except … [Read more...]

First Official Rock Beyond Belief Trailer Released

YouTube's themanofearth put together this amazing video for us in HD.httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG0YXnGeRnQMy friend Adam (themanofearth - you should definitely subscribe to his channel) put together this awesome video for us. The audio comes with the help of The Skeptic Hour podcast - an up and comer in the scene. The high quality microphone I was speaking on comes courtesy of FrostCall - the secular podcast from former Marine Corps service member, Tom and his wife Wendy.This video … [Read more...]

BRB, Surgery.

I'll be out of commission for a few more days. I just had major surgery. The surgery was painful, and I can barely walk. But, I'm trying to deal with it all with humor. Please forgive me for this post.NSFW … [Read more...]

MASH Gets Monster Press Coverage, Foxhole Atheists Organize

Three months ago, I launched the Military Atheists & Secular Humanists (MASH) with the help of a handful of really motivated Soldiers and civilians from the Fort Bragg secular community.This weekend was huge for us. We received an overwhelming level of publicity, and interest is snow-balling. Several major news organizations have been in contact with me over the last few weeks. The Associated Press ran an article on Friday that seems to be plastered everywhere!Update: 7 April 2011: … [Read more...]