Outspoken Florida Atheist EllenBeth Wachs faces multiple ‘revenge arrests’

It is much more difficult to stand up for a 'hard right' than to just accept an 'easy wrong'.Please spare 5 minutes for a brave atheist who has been arrested multiple times for standing up for what is right. All you need to do is sign this petition (and if you have the scratch, donate here).And no, signing this petition is not just a symbolic exercise or a waste of time. The website where the petition is hosted automatically generates email messages to several high-profile government … [Read more...]

Eugenie Scott, Josh Rosenau, Donald Prothero support foxhole atheists

Our team is crashing the 2011 TAM - The Amazing Meeting - and we've snapped some pictures with some secular celebrities who support foxhole atheists and what we're doing here at Fort Bragg. I'll post them here and on Facebook, as they trickle back to me.First up was the TAM workshop: Defending Evolution in the Classroom and Beyond. Featuring Eugenie Scott, Joshua Rosenau, and Donald Prothero - this was a great way to kick off an amazing meeting. I wish I could have been there myself. H … [Read more...]

Little Babies – OM NOM NOM!

It seems we've been caught.My father read my post about working with Chaplains and not against. He saw the piece end with the 'atheist baby-eating' meme, and he felt the urge to call us out. You'll notice that my sister, Nina, is chatting with my wife, Tianna, about how scrumptious our daughter looks on Facebook.The jig is up!My dad is a pretty funny and awesome guy. You may remember his last interaction with this website, when he wished me a happy Easter and also completely debunked all … [Read more...]

Working With Chaplains and Not Against Them

Some of my greatest allies in the fight for atheists and humanists gaining acceptance in the Chaplaincy actually comes from Chaplains.It's difficult to write about many of these Chaplains, or other officers that support these efforts. They tend to get worried about publicity and things of that nature. This is one of the reasons why some readers may get the false impression that the entire chaplaincy is out to get us. Don't get me wrong, there are things that desperately need to be corrected. … [Read more...]

ACLU, AU Tells the Army That They Must Approve Atheist Festival

This letterhead is a surefire way to turn some heads:The Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, ACLU, and ACLU North Carolina, and are rallying around the Rock Beyond Belief festival. They delivered an impressive letter to Secretary of the Army, and officials at Fort Bragg yesterday, which you can read here [pdf].They have already recovered hundreds of pages of documents relating to the evangelical Christian festival from 2010, known as Rock the Fort. Their stated goal was … [Read more...]

Plane goes up, plane goes down. American Atheists are flying billboards July 4th

American Atheists are pushing the highly successful billboard campaign model to a whole new level this Independence Day.Planes with banners that read "God-LESS America" or "Atheism is Patriotic" will be flying across the skies of 27 states. North Carolina will not be one of them this year, sorry Fort Bragg area!Just in case you somehow weren't aware of the internet meme stemming from American Atheists President, David Silverman's interview with Bill O'reilly, watch this video.This is … [Read more...]

Tom Clancy quotes US General denying that atheists exist in combat.

Here is another example of the pervasive and disrespectful attitudes towards atheists. These statements reveal exactly the types of barriers we are trying to break down. The Q course and the Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion (SERE) experience revealed to me that in order for a leader to possess and project the courage expected by his men in combat, he himself must find the means to be at peace with himself. For me, this strength comes from an abiding faith in my relationship with God. T … [Read more...]