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Outspoken Florida Atheist EllenBeth Wachs faces multiple ‘revenge arrests’

Please spare 5 minutes for a brave atheist who has been arrested multiple times for standing up for what is right. All you need to do is sign this petition. [Read more…]

Eugenie Scott, Josh Rosenau, Donald Prothero support foxhole atheists

The legendary champion of good science, Eugenie Scott has been caught supporting an atheist event (again!). Specifically, the foxhole atheist event at Ft Bragg. [Read more…]

Little Babies – OM NOM NOM!

Non-religious Soldiers are Spiritually Unfit and are even rumored to eat babies. Until that is cleared up, Fort Bragg does not endorse Rock Beyond Belief [Read more…]

Working With Chaplains and Not Against Them

Chaplain: “If I support you, I support me.” Many of them clearly get it, approaching the subject with a deep respect and reverence for the U.S. Constitution. [Read more…]

ACLU, AU Tells the Army That They Must Approve Atheist Festival

ACLU and AU break this down marvelously, explaining the controversy. This is a chance for the Army to embrace its 2nd largest religious preference, non-religion. [Read more…]

Plane goes up, plane goes down. American Atheists are flying billboards July 4th

Taking the ‘billboard model’ to a new level, planes with banners that read “God-LESS America” or “Atheism is Patriotic” will be flying the skies of 27 states. [Read more…]

Tom Clancy quotes US General denying that atheists exist in combat.

“I have never known an atheist in combat, and I do not ever expect to find one. I do not believe that this is a revelation discovered only by Carl Stiner.” [Read more…]