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Local groups like MASH are the way forward for permanent change

Military Atheists & Secular Humanists have been absolutely kicking ass at Fort Bragg. This is despite still being officially banned from meeting on post by Army regulations. [Read more…]

Threats to rape and kill atheists? Stay classy, Fox News viewers.

Wow. The one that catches my eye the most is this one: ‘I love Jesus, and the cross and if you dont, I hope someone rapes you!’ by Sindy. Mind boggling. [Read more…]

TX Congressmen to force Christian prayer over my dead body.

Texas lawmakers want Christianity in every single military veteran funeral statewide. But that’s not how the story is being told. [Read more…]

Fort Bragg approves on-post atheist festival, Rock Beyond Belief

On March 31st, 2012, Fort Bragg will be hosting Rock Beyond Belief with the full support it was promised. [Read more…]

National Guard advertise jobs in Military Intelligence on Friendly Atheist

Controversial Christian-themed National Guard advertisement is nearly out-done by the Guard’s Military Intelligence ads being ran on Friendly Atheist. [Read more…]