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The root of all evil

If the love of money is the root of all evil… then why do churches ask for so much of it, and why would god want his name on it? Click to embiggen (by a lot) [Large size] [Wallpaper size] [Read more…]

Horseshoe pro: “but if either you or your horse are an idiot…”

The latest in craigslist fail isn’t as epic as the Christian Parkour team, or the man who refused to tolerate absconding  interlopers. Still, check out this advertisement. This horse farrier is very patient!!!! … Service also available to some outlying counties depending on number of horses and location. Sane horses and owners need only apply, I am [Read More…]

Captain Ryan Jean: “Getting ATHEIST on my records took two minutes”

A while back I posted about a heart wrenching and debate-ending example of why foxhole atheists need to demand NO-REL-PREF be accurately updated on their records to ATHEIST. Many are being told that it’s not possible – and on the contrary it has been for decades. Captain Ryan Jean wrote to me: It took me two minutes [Read More…]

Dat Santorum

All apologies to the internet for putting this frothy thought in your head. Image below the fold…[mildly NSFW] Click ‘read more’ to view. [Read more…]

400 rednecks shoot guns to scare away the tree witches [insane footage]

In Cherryville North Carolina, somehow this is legal. Watch how many of them hurt themselves. “Supposedly all the guns firing scared off the witches, out of the trees, and got rid of the bad things and brought in the good for the next year,” said Judy Houser. Look at how unbelievably unsafe this is. Where [Read More…]

Google is evil. Google is god. Google is gay. Google is your friend.

Google’s autocomplete feature has built in filters. If you type in naughty words, you probably wont see suggestions pop up. For a time, the phrase “Islam is” didn’t prompt any suggestions. Despite the fact that no other religions were spared insults, Google claimed that it was because of a ‘bug’. Now that particular ‘bug’ is [Read More…]