You should have seen this coming

Facebook netted me another strange troll. Apparently this person forgot why / when he added me (I pretty much never seek others out anymore, but feel free to add me. If you 'suggest friends' to me, you may be rounded up and shot.) This person makes a living off of predicting the future. Check it out: Is that college an X-men reference? Probably a funny guy, and I'm sure we'd have no problem hanging out - drinking beer and what not.   But a cyber-friendship just was not in the … [Read more...]

Air Force squadron sings ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ during mandatory prayers

Julie M. wrote to me with a pretty funny story: Hi, Good luck. My air force brother asked me to forward this. He hopes you’ll get a kick out of it. He had a squadron commander who liked group prayer. This made two men in my brother’s crew uncomfortable. Solution, organize the whole squadron to hum Mary had a little lamb very softly during prayers. Prayers stopped. Hilarious. I suppose that's one way to make like a shepherd and get the flock out of there! I can't see this … [Read more...]

Iraqi Christian groups winning the war for the US?

I was following this story in the Fort Bragg newspaper, Paraglide up until this point: Being able to come to the U.S. to talk with their fellow Christians has strengthened the relationship between the Iraqi and U.S. pastors and creates an even stronger partnership. “I believe the best way to connect with each other is between each other’s churches. To be able to keep the communication between us, it maintains our relationship and bond,” said Francis. “America wants a secure, … [Read more...]

Nervous atheist military family “Will Fort Bragg ‘lose’ my housing application?”

Jennifer Andrews is a military spouse who recently moved to Fort Bragg with her husband Brian. She wrote to me about their experiences getting settled in, and it's quite unsettling. I grew up in the Buffalo area in NY and lived there my entire life, until I married my husband and relocated to Ft Bragg. My first experience with the locals here was at the housing office on post, trying to move into government housing. On our way out the door, the woman asked us if we'd found a church yet. We … [Read more...]

BBC interviews Justin Griffith, foxhole atheist

First off, Kate Dailey at the BBC wrote a great article. When she first approached me, I was envisioning a segment to be aired right before Doctor Who (naturally), but it turns out this was for a print + radio segment. Still, it was a refreshing conversation and I'm grateful for the exposure it generated (plenty!) This is one of the best representations of our public plea for respect in the military community. She covered the upcoming atheist festival on Fort Bragg. We discussed the offensive … [Read more...]

Bible stopped a bullet, saving a soldier’s life

From the Casa Grande Dispatch: An “Awake America” rally to provide overseas troops with Bibles has been scheduled for 8:30 and 11:15 a.m. Feb. 12 at the Christian Church of Casa Grande, 1510 N. Casa Grande Ave. I assure you that this is not a problem. There are plenty of copies of many translations of the Bible available. Cecil Todd, founder and president of the worldwide Revival Fires Ministry from Branson, Mo., will be the featured speaker. “The ... nondenominational rally is to … [Read more...]