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I get email, too:There are no atheists in foxholes buddy they all cry out to God when the shells are raining in. To hold an antheist event on a military post is unacceptable. Leave people alone and quit pushing your views on people. Without GOD our country wouldnt be what it is today and sadly because of groups like you taking GOD out of everything is why our country is sliding down a slippery slope to no return. Until our country puts GOD first we will continue to deterioate into a third … [Read more...]

A chaplain is telling Fort Bragg that we plan to burn down churches

FORT BRAGG, NC – Chaplain (Captain) Chuck Williams wrote an open letter on Fort Bragg's Facebook page calling for the cancellation of on-post secular festival Rock Beyond Belief. Cpt. Williams claims,"It has now been made blatantly public by [event] organizers that part of this event will be... glorifying violence against people who possess a faith in God through the burning of churches. This is appalling!"Fort Bragg estimates that 5,000 people will attend the all-day event. It was p … [Read more...]

Military Community: ask Richard Dawkins anything

We just released official schedule for the Rock Beyond Belief festival on Fort Bragg 31 March (civilians welcome!)We want to invite any military member, veteran, or military spouse to submit a question in the comments section here.You will notice the "Richard Dawkins Q&A video". It simply must be. There are too many variables that simply need to be locked down according to our contract with Fort Bragg. They did not force our hand, but I'm sure they are relieved to know that we will … [Read more...]

Fort Bragg: atheist festival *will* be critical of organized religion

Thanks to the efforts of my high ranking cyber-stalker, Fox News picked up a bogus story taking lyrics way out of context. The backlash could have threatened the entirety of the festival lineup at RBB. The short-term desired affect was achieved.Fort Bragg was pressured get me and all of the performers to sign a promise not to be critical of religion. This document was being called 'a rider'. It contained a whole host of other problematic concessions. Here are a few quick examples."Don't … [Read more...]

Between the wars, I kept the faith

This is the type of faith I have.I kept the faith and I kept votingNot for the iron fist but for the helping handFor theirs is a land with a wall around itAnd mine is a faith in my fellow manwww.youtube.com/embed/xjUA3RU4B8E?Billy Bragg - Between the WarsI'm secretly hoping that someone on our lineup covers this song. I guess the secret is out now, but I'm not going to email my request to them, or whatever....lyrics below the fold... … [Read more...]

Marine Corps: How to get into heaven no matter how many sins are committed

David Silverman, President of American Atheists, forwarded this to me. People need to read this.I wish to detail my experiences over the past 10 years of consistent and continual harassment and religious indoctrination thoughout my military career.In June of 2001, I left for recruit training at MCRD San Diego. During recruit training, church attendance at the time was mandatory. Any church would do and therefore I attended all of them I think. I resented heavily being preached at, but one … [Read more...]

I don’t believe in ‘Divine Retribution’

The Secular Human shared this video on Facepalm:Then later I made the three face in real life.:3It hurt so bad. … [Read more...]

Christians want to burn down interfaith chapels on military bases

Footage has just emerged showing that it was the Christian event that threatened to burn down the chapels, not the atheists.I'm sick of getting death threats and other nastygrams about how I'm supposedly burning down churches for Obama (seriously). It all started a few weeks ago when Fox News picked up a story from a cyber-stalker of mine. He took a music video from Aiden way out of context.Aiden's song Hysteria begins wistfully."Love how they burn your synagogues / Love how they burn … [Read more...]