You have to pick a different religious preference. I can’t spell.

I'm typically not a grammar Nazi when it comes to online chatter, such as a facebook post.However, when you have a really important government form that impacts someone else's life (and even their death)... you simply need to get it right. This is super fail.Anyway... it's extremely important that we all stand up and be counted. Most of us were told that atheist was not an option (first time I've seen the 'I can't spell' defense.)Click here to fix your records in two minutes or … [Read more...]

Surprisingly, 39 percent of Marines in this platoon are nonbelievers

These Marines are stationed at Camp Pendleton. This platoon is in an artillery ground combat unit. Names are withheld.Here is some more information from the source:I didn't get to ask the two Lieutenants and my other Sgt but I know they are religious. As I stated before there were 7 avowedly open atheists, 1 agnostic, 1 no preference (his description made him an agnostic), 3 Jedi (1 serious, 2 atheists joking around), 2 protestant Christians and 2 Catholics who admitted to me (because … [Read more...]

Bible study for babies

Unfortunately, this is not a photoshopped image. This is real.I heard about this in a passing reference from a friend on my Facepalm wall. So I told him to 'rescue' the discarded advert for baby bible study. It reached my email with the subject line "Damn you! You made me dig through trash".But I simply had to insist on recycling it here at FtB.Also funny: "super abundance" and "the last days of Jesus leading up to his death." … [Read more...]

Christian wonders why atheists hate love so much

I am the recipient of electronic mail. This one from Ronnie was disarmingly titled "No Death Wish!"I am not writing to pass conflict to others. However, I cannot understand why you hate love so much.What?! Hate 'love'? That is the unrealistic demeanor reserved only for Disney villains. Are you a child?It is hard to understand why you (an atheists) hate God and feel you can tell God how things are to be.Do you hate Ra, Thor, and Zeus? Why do you feel you can tell Ra, Thor and Zeus how thi … [Read more...]

Christian gloating over the heavy rains at the atheist festival

I am the recipient of electronic mail.This message came through the atheist festival's contact form on the morning of the festival. It had been raining pretty hard all morning.From: mikeSubject: wxMessage Body:enjoying the weather today? Sorta like a flood, huh?Yeah... It stopped raining just after this email was sent. Then it was blue skies and sunshine from then on out.Here's my reply.Mike,It was a lot like a flood. It was the power of prayer at work, clearly. … [Read more...]

Atheists just raised $3446 for homeless veterans

We raised over $1200 and a pickup truck full of canned food for homeless veterans at our after party. An additional $2246 was raised here at the blog, no doubt helped by the reddit community. It was unfortunate that Fort Bragg denied us the ability to do this on post (we could have raised so much more). But it is undeniable that at least some real-world change for the better came as a direct result of our festival.The after-party was a great success. The hotel where we staged the after party … [Read more...]

Good Riddance to The Atheist Experience

Ever since I moved my RBB blog over here to FTB, I've really started getting into The Atheist Experience TV show because they also have a blog here. I didn't know about this very cool show before, and I've been telling all my friends to check it out. But I won't be watching it anymore!Up until now, the show has been sponsored by the Atheist Community of Austin, which I thought was a super cool group of atheists who were putting out a great show. But now they're selling out to -- you aren't … [Read more...]