Sometimes not letting ordinary people know what you're up to works in your favor. It tends to keep certain types of people 'in suspense'. Then... when you finally deliver the answer to them, they tell all of their buddies. … [Read more...]

Jesus was gay

That's right, Pastor Sean Harris would have punched baby Jesus - for being gay. Or so says Kenneth Low, author of Dark Knowledge. Kenneth contacted me on Facebook to let me know about his important book. He said: "Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a retired physician living in Davis and author of a book, Dark Knowledge. Essentially a logical argument, it leads the reader to a surprising revelation:  Jesus was gay. I’m opening a new avenue in public secular discussion." This is … [Read more...]

Graham County IS NUMBER ONE!!! (hateful county in the state)

Some of us think we already look this stupid. N.C.'s recently passed Amendment One is terrible. It prohibits gay and lesbian marriage, and functions as an amendment to the State's constitution. We already had a damn law here prohibiting gay marriage, so it was a superfluous slap in the face to the LGBT community. The vote was closer than many of us imagined - 61% For discrimination and 39% against discrimination. As you may imagine, the more rural counties voted 'for' it (for … [Read more...]

MMAtheists – separation of church and cage

Drew Epstein just sent me a message about his new MMAtheists effort. You know you like to click on things - 'like' this thing on Facebook! Mixed Martial Arts training is a standard part of military hand to hand combat readiness. As the US Military (the Marines in particular) advertise directly toward the Mixed Martial Arts community, I thought you might understand my position on this issue. We have many "foxhole" atheists in Mixed Martial Arts, and most of them are afraid to come out for … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day, hope you like military-grade FAIL

An anonymous foxhole atheist at Fort Jackson sent me this. If you seek it out, remember do not start flame wars, and always be respectful. Don't feed any trolls that may pop up. I'm going to Fort Jackson in a few weeks - trying to keep pitchforks and torches out of this. If you must, leave your comment on the post itself. Don't click on the picture to leave a comment. The picture is secular and comes from some other unit that didn't say anything about god - you'd be speaking to the … [Read more...]

Photo of the planning meeting for those billboards you hate

We need quality control, and that's what Martin Wagner's blog post was all about. I just disagree with him for his sloppy aim, misdirecting his valid criticism. He praised an American Atheists billboard (that he didn't realize was from AA) (EDIT: Michael from the Mid-Ohio atheists explains how we were both wrong about this in his excellent post - the message of this sign is more complicated than we realized), as an example of what AA billboards should look like (instead of 'fail' and … [Read more...]

Pro-tip: first check to see if yours was ‘pro’ and/or ‘tip’ at all

Martin Wagner over at the Atheist Experience blog lashed out at American Atheists (AA). For the last few years, American Atheists have been throwing billboards up around the country, and pretty much all of them have been a preposterous fail. Setting aside the often poor and flat-out amateurish graphic design on most of them (bad choice of colors and ugly fonts), they have either made the mistake of thinking that a billboard was an appropriate format for launching a philosophical argument; or … [Read more...]

Violets are red, roses are blue

Violets are red Roses are blue Analyze what was said Don't fall for it too Be a skeptic. Question everything you're told. Answer that question with empirical and repeatable observational data. Before you share your findings, try to prove yourself wrong. Especially when you're right. Thoughts? … [Read more...]

Christian says Sean Harris is an asshole pastor

Quite possibly the best Christian blog post I've ever read comes from the relatively new - but awesomely titled - WTFaith. Previously, I have called for Christians to start policing their own - wondering where these 'moderates' were all hiding. Why not put some distance between yourself and 'punch your gay kids' pastor Sean Harris, or the oligarchy in King, N.C.? Quality control involves kicking extremists to the fringe. My plea ended like this: Ridicule them, chastise them, teach … [Read more...]

Stop supporting awful places like Jambbas Ranch

Say what you will about PETA - but say it somewhere else. I think we can all rally around this cause. It's time America gets rid of traveling zoos, circuses with animals, and any other 'amusement' where animals are psychologically tortured because of cramped cages. Large animals simply require bigger areas. Your city almost certainly has an 'attraction' featuring caged animals. This one is in my area, and I'm absolutely shocked. This needs to stop. Shut these awful places … [Read more...]