Don’t be this guy

Please, don't be this guy:Which one of you made a YouTube video on how to photoshop? You accidentally taught the 'illustrious' YouTube commenters how to make shitty infographics!I see typically far-right 'anti-socialism' (welfare queen) surprisingly mixed with typically far-left anti-nationalism (fuck the troops!) There's also some smug gay-bashing going on here... Westboro? No, they only use MS-Paint for their signs. This is something new.I made this as a reply, in case this new … [Read more...]

Long live FtB

I bellyflopped on a karaoke song last night on this blog. I said 'FtB is dead'. I did it to show people that there is no secret cabal here. I can suck at singing, I can make mistakes, and I can criticize my fellow bloggers. I didn't warn them, and they probably didn't even read it. Which is probably good because I didn't even mean it.The perception that there is some FtB-wide policy, or talking points memo dictating our blogs is false. FtB is great. Seriously, there aren't any meetings. … [Read more...]

FtB is dead IS DEAD. FREETHOUGHT IS DEAD.YES THAT'S RIGHT, FREETHOUGHT IS DEAD.FTB IS DEAD. FREETHOUGHT IS DEAD.ITS JUST ANOTHER CHEAP PRODUCT FOR THE CONSUMERS HEAD.Meaningless talk over wires and transistors,Schoolboy sedition backed by big time promoters.Dispatched from the Culture Clash,But not for revolution, it's just for cash.'Atheist' became a fashion just like hippy used to beAnd it ain't got shit do with you or me.Movements … [Read more...]

Aloha, foxhole atheist pride

These foxhole atheists are not in the closet.Fuck yes! … [Read more...]

While you are praying

The atheist has got your back. (click to embiggen)I'm a big supporter of the Free Exercise Clause, and I would not be against my peers praying - except in two circumstances.1) The forced prayer that is being depicted here.A few times every month, I'm ordered to 'stand at attention' and then 'bow my head' for the chaplain's invocation (read: prayer). The circumstances are entirely secular and overtly bland in nature. I'm talking about retirement ceremonies, change of command … [Read more...]

I really do see what you are saying

Last week, I jumped all over the local church that put up a 'Pat Tillman Cross' for Memorial Day. I was very angry, and I'd argue that I focused this anger into actionable real-world change. The cross came down within an hour. Within two days, I got the display's creator to issue a heartfelt promise to change her whole approach to honoring the dead (not using a single religious symbol to honor all the dead).However, a small number fellow atheists let it be known that they felt that it was … [Read more...]

Former Pastor turned Atheist to speak at Rock Beyond Belief 2!

20 years into the ministry...Teresa MacBain spent more than two decades as a Baptist and Methodist minister under the tutelage of her father. She worked as a worship minister, an associate pastor and a senior pastor of her own church.March of this year she finally stepped out of the religious closet and entered the world of reason. She outed herself in the national spotlight at the American Atheist convention and let the world know that you didn't need to believe in a god to be a good … [Read more...]