Look! I’m in the July / August 2012 issue of Playboy Magazine

Sort of... Well, my activism is in the new issue of Playboy, anyway.Neat! It may appear on slightly different pages, regionally. Perhaps not at all internationally.Cliche 'I read the articles' jokes aside, I've really seen some interesting articles in the pages of that mag. Shit, I even discovered Peter Max's artwork through Playboy. There seriously is some high-brow stuff in there, for those who never looked.Personally, I don't find the so-called 'bombshell look' all that … [Read more...]

How to tell if you’re in an unhealthy relationship (with god)

Is your god controlling you? Telling you where you can and can't go, and even telling you who you can be friends with? Setting all sorts of arbitrary rules? Does your god sometimes get angry and self-righteous?Gary S. asks for advice for those experiencing this:What is it about 'Fearing God?"  If you love someone, does that mean you're supposed to fear them?  Is that a good thing?"I love you with all my heart & soul, but you scare the shit out of me"  WTF????-Gary S.Dear Gary … [Read more...]

First gay wedding on a US Military base

Slate has an excellent article about the first gay wedding on a US military base. These newlyweds actually met in church - a church that is virulently homophobic. Both remain religious, but are finally able to shed a lifetime of shame and fear. It's a great time to be in the military.Tech. Sgt. Erwynn Umali (right) and Will Behrens (left) at the McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst chapel, where their civil union was held on June 23, 2012. [Photo by Jeff Shrugg...many more available on Slate]Tech. S … [Read more...]

Craigslist ad: “Praying for a Free new/used car”

Crazy soldiers! lolwut:YeahI suggest this person make use of the off-post blood / blood platelette donation centers - you can earn more than a car payment every month.*Copypasta below the fold:* … [Read more...]

Navy atheist’s epic win against “so help me god”

I've been privately asked a few times how to deal with re-enlistment oaths, and that tricky "so help me god."This is how.I had a run-in with an E9 who worked at Reserve Forces Command for my last reenlistment. MY command was very understanding of atheism and accepted my wishes to change "So Help Me God" to "On My Honor" not only for the spoken oath, but also when I crossed out "so help me god" on the form and changed it to what I wanted.A couple of weeks after submission it … [Read more...]

Fort Gordon stops making soldiers do yard work for Catholics

I'd like to thank Fort Gordon, GA leadership for the rapid about-face. Only a week ago American Atheists and Freedom From Religion Foundation demanded that the US Constitution be upheld for soldiers attending the Advanced Leadership Course (ALC). Hundreds of soldiers were ordered to clean up a Catholic organizations yard - also known as "area beautification."This was off-post, during the duty day and in uniform. The time period this was supposed to take place was over several months! An … [Read more...]

DoD’s top chaplains finally discussed letting atheists meet on post

After years of trying to get the military to formally recognize and support atheist groups equally, an answer may be forthcoming. It's a no-brainer from a legal standpoint. Establishment Clause, EEO, Limited Public Forum... pick your poison. Unfortunately, it really could go either way - potentially begging a massive lawsuit.I have it on good authority that after over a year of stalling, the Armed Forces Chaplains Board finally discussed the issue. It's still not even clear if they've made a … [Read more...]

Happy apostasy anniversary, DW!

Friend of RBB, Dustin Williams (AKA DWNomad) celebrated his 5th year of freedom from the shackles of evangelism. So he got a tattoo.Dustin describes his deconversion as the best day of his lifeThis will make more sense if you read yesterday’s blog post first.Five years ago today, when my roommate on the trip to Mexico woke up, we chatted about what I had been going through and the decision I had made. Even though he didn’t agree with my conclusion, he agreed that I had looked at it fr … [Read more...]