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Too damn slow!

Yeah… I ran a combat fitness test today. I missed a perfect score by 4 seconds on my run time. I was a little upset. I didn’t think you could accomplish much in 4 seconds and then I found this video that can tell you the Twilight story in 4 seconds:   My wife [Read More…]

Atheist soldier, one of many forced to do yard work for Catholics

I received a few complaints about soldiers stationed at Fort Gordon, GA being forced to clean up an off-post Catholic property during the duty day. One was from a fellow foxhole atheist. (NAME / RANK WITHHELD) Justin – Got a question. [WITHHELD], has been tasks with cleaning/landscaping etc, a Catholic Church. This so far is [Read More…]

Songs that make you not want to die

When I’m feeling like a sad-bastard I don’t play sad-bastard music. I put on music about overcoming tragedy. I’m not sure if I invented the phrase ‘self-help rock’ or not. It’s not a real genre, but then again, I could probably fill several mix-tapes with it. This is a list of songs that may even [Read More…]

Underground songs for those attempting to be underground

This post is not a personal entry, nor a call for help. Just sit back. Click. It is what it is. Primitive Hands – I’ll Die Alone (2009) Mission of Burma – That’s When I Reach for my Revolver (1981) Dead Milkmen – I Hate Myself (1989) Daniel Johnston – Casper the Friendly [Read More…]

Dragged into the slimepit

This is me: Not this: That Being Said… I don’t know what the fuck is going on in the freethought blogosphere and I am being dragged into it. Now, I understand that my co-blogger posted some blogs about the slimepit. After this happened and I got dragged into it I had to call Justin and [Read More…]

You’re all a bunch of Pansies

Pansy It’s the symbol of freethought. If you didn’t know. Now ya do! -Paul Loebe   [Read more…]

The Who’s who?

This is me: Not this:   Just to clear up any confusion   -Paul Loebe [Read more…]

Greg Laden’s “Sometimes the bad guys win”

After being removed from this blogging network for using violent threatening language towards me, Greg Laden posted a reply to me on his website. It’s entirely indicative of his manipulative and coercive pattern of bullying. Justin Griffith is the Military Director for American Atheists. He and I had a strong difference of opinion, and it [Read More…]