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I feel so betrayed. That was utterly shameful writing!

Trigger warning for fans of drama: this post will disappoint you. [Read more…]

Top 5 Christmas Songs By Atheists

Not all Christmas music sucks. Here are some of my favorite Christmas songs written by or performed by atheists. What are your favorites? In no particular order: The Vandals – Here I am Lord It’s a cover an old hymn. This is the only song that they let the bass player sing on. I [Read More…]

Growing a set of principles

For some reason, Lousy Canuck defends lies about me while he talks about*  a man who was kicked off this blogging network for the exact type of harassment that we all rail against.He argues that we’re all living in different parallel universes. I think he’s right. *(holiday edit) And then there’s when Greg Laden says he wants [Read More…]

Dolly the cat has been adopted!

Fort Bragg area animal rescue, Thundering Paws, has found a new home for Dolly! You may remember that my wife rescued and nurtured this (then) very pregnant abandoned cat for weeks. We were about to move and Dolly needed a home. In an extremely unfortunate turn of events, a man who was temporarily fostering her [Read More…]

Greg Laden posts a home address and employer contacts for online rival

This is really vile. I don’t care what you think about your opponent in an argument. You never ever do this: That link contained what he hoped was Mykeru’s home address. Only it wasn’t his home, it was his ex-wife’s home, and that was years ago. Even then, she may not even live there anymore! [Read More…]

Washington Times op-ed: “West Point is religious”

Shirley Husar at the Washington Times, wrote an attack piece against atheist West Point Cadet Blake Page. It veers into histrionics rather quickly: If the founders didn’t intend to require that cadets be Catholics or Baptists, they also clearly didn’t intend that they be atheists. Page therefore found himself in a system designed not to eliminate atheists, [Read More…]

OK Atheists: I reserve the right to circumcise the unsynagogued

That’s right, the Oklahoma Atheists podcast hosts, Damion Reinhardt and Chas Stewart, reserve the right to circumcise the unsynagogued. Watch out all you heathen anteaters. Actually, the host’s statement wasn’t a non-sequiter at all. It an absurdist reduction of a military chaplain’s proclamation, “I reserve the right to evangelize the un-churched.” That chaplain refused my request for him [Read More…]

“Is having no head the same as be bald?”

A particularly annoying nagnostic named George showed up to the comments a few days back. Some of us engaged him. Articulett of Debunking Christianity fame mopped the floor with him. It was funny, and it was over. Or not, it seems. Now, George has apparently worked out an ingenious way to still refer to atheism as a [Read More…]