Atheist festival resubmits after Marine Corps rejection

We were extremely disappointed that the second ever atheist festival on a military base was recently rejected by Camp Pendleton. They continue to provide massive support to a single religious sect, the controversial Calvary Chapel and its military arm, 'Armor of Light' (AoL). Camp Pendleton is a large Marine Corps base near San Diego, California. The area is also home to the 1000+ churches-strong Calvary Chapel headquarters. The Marine Corps mailed the rejection letter to American Atheists … [Read more...]

American Atheists Annouces A $2000 Atheist Activism Award

And alliteration actually annoys almost anyone. Anyway, all apologies. Ok enough of that. All it takes to enter is an essay and a few images of you (or the person you nominate). There are three awards this year, including a an LGBT atheist activism scholarship. Deadline is February 1st. Just enclose this entry form, and you're set. Via American Atheists announcement: American Atheists wants to celebrate student activism by awarding scholarships to students who demonstrate atheist … [Read more...]

Chaplains hand out anti-gay, anti-jewish ‘Manga Messiah’ hate comic

Talk2Action has picked up the story of the awful 'Manga Messiah' comics that are being handed out to deployed soldiers. They're also used in Uganda to brainwash kids against Jews, gays, and witches. via Talk2Action: The publisher claims that millions of copies of Manga Messiah have been distributed in countries around the globe, from Uganda to Guatemala to Great Britain. And, according to ... Justin Griffith, who also serves as the Military Director for American Atheists, Manga … [Read more...]

Armor of Light / Camp Pendleton just don’t have the muscle

Armor of Light is a ministry that currently gets a lot of special treatment on the USMC base, Camp Pendleton (near San Diego). They recently posted this ridiculous picture on one of their facebook walls. You might need to see this one embiggened. The fellow with the sunburn has 2 biceps on one arm. He's going to beat the fellow with the mullet easily. Neat picture, though. - Justin Griffith … [Read more...]

Marine Corps base rejects atheist festival

Camp Pendleton's decision to reject our proposal violates federal ethics regulations. This is certainly a huge step in the wrong direction. We're still willing to work with officials before the San Diego area Marine Corps base is entrenched in a legal battle they can't possibly win. We've received mixed signals from Camp Pendleton in trying to organize Rock Beyond Belief 2. Initially, they were on board with treating us with equality. We are simply demanding the same access, treatment, and … [Read more...]

Jesus walked on water and swam on the land (slightly NSFW) (Slightly) NSFW image below the fold. … [Read more...]

America needs armed corporations in every school

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Atheists to march with Knights Templar, Knights of Columbus

Virginians, this parade needs some bodies to march in solidarity. Why? To attach a human face to the word 'atheist' (or, humanist, secularist, freethinker, etc. - just be you.) Please show up and help normalize non-belief! On Sunday, January 13th 2013, the Fredericksburg Secular Humanists (FSH) will be participating in a parade and ceremony to celebrate the Religious Freedom. The event is held every year in Fredericksburg to commemorate the drafting of the Virginia Statute for Religious … [Read more...]