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“You’re the first Atheist I’ve ever met”

Introductions are necessary My name is Casey Leavings and I am an active duty AIr Force member. I’ve been in for almost ten years and I have been an out and proud atheist for eight. I have been fortunate enough to have never been forced into the corner for my lack of beliefs. When I [Read More…]

First Amendment 2.0: Congress shall make no law which respects the first amendment

The recent flurry shit-storm of news surrounding the myth of Christian persecution in the military has left many of our representatives in congress deluded about the realities of the aims of secular activists.  Through this conflagration, one story of hope has floated to the surface.  The story I’m referring to was the recent submission of an amendment to [Read More…]

An atheists response to the repeal of DADT (old news but still entertaining)

This made me chuckle I was very happy for all my gay friends the moment DADT was repealed and put into full effect. I’ve got more than a few gay friends and it was an absolute travesty that they had to hide who they were for fear of being kicked out of the military. I [Read More…]

Lake Elsinore, California gives the finger to Foxhole Atheists!

 SO LET’S DO ONE BETTER! I’m all about freedom of expression and freedom of speech! In fact I wholly support someone disagreeing with my view and giving me the finger if they truly feel that I am in the wrong. However….this goes far beyond freedom of expression. The City Council at Lake Elsinore have decided that [Read More…]

Atheism Ruining Military Careers pt. 3 — Vindicated: USMA Officer Upholds Tradition of Christian Privileging in the Military

The West Point Cadet “Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.” – Abraham Lincoln   Since my resignation from West Point, one of the most frequently asked questions sent my way has been whether or not I have any regrets. Certainly, I have spent a few minutes contemplating the potential alternative timelines that could have [Read More…]

Atheism Ruining Military Careers!? pt. 2

The fear is So many people have come to thank me for coming out as not only an atheist in the military but an activist as well. I’ve heard harrowing stories about how some people have had their careers completely sidelined due to the fact that they are atheists. I wanted to convey some of [Read More…]