My Briefest Post Ever…But Perhaps Most Important!

Right now, among other books, I'm reading Walter Cardinal Kasper's new book Mercy: The Essence of the Gospel and the Key to Christian Living (Orbis). Here is what he says on p. 98: "Everything ultimately depends on the goodness of God." Amen. And because it is so important and everything ultimately depends on it (and I mean everything)...any muddying of it with qualifications is detrimental to everything: life, spirituality, meaning, hope, blessing, virtue, love, care, faith, trust.... … [Read more...]

Review of Oliver Crisp’s “Deviant Calvinism” Part One

Review of Oliver Crisps’ Deviant Calvinism: Broadening Reformed Theology Part One I have invited other interested persons to join me in this series. I will post occasional (tentatively about one chapter per week) reviews and others who read the book are welcome to agree, disagree, add to, etc. I ask that those who are not reading the book with us refrain from posting comments that express agreement or disagreement; they should stick to asking questions. I will be posting about other … [Read more...]

Article about Me at Baptist Press Global (December 13, 2014)

The article is entitled "For Baptists, a lone Arminian voice crying in a Calvinist wilderness." You can find the article simply by Googleing the title. Or you can go to the Baptist Global Press web site and find it. (Baptist Global Press is the new name of the Associated Baptist Press.)I'm not really happy with the title, but publishers like eye-catching titles that draw readers in. (My similar article published in Christianity Today years ago was entitled "Don't Hate Me Because I'm an … [Read more...]

My Response to John Piper’s Comments about Arminians

My Response to John Piper’s Comments about Arminians Recently one of my faithful readers who also often comments here posted a link to a recent episode of “Ask Pastor John”—John Piper’s podcast series in which he answers questions. (All you have to do to find this series is “google” the title “Ask Pastor John” or go directly to Piper’s Desiring God Ministries.) In this episode of the series someone asked Piper which Arminians have influenced him the most. Here I wish to respond to a … [Read more...]

Whetting Appetites: A Preview of “Deviant Calvinism” by Oliver Crisp

Whetting Appetites: A Preview of Deviant Calvinism by Oliver CrispAbout a week ago (late November, 2014) I announced a coming series of interactions with Fuller Seminary theologian Oliver Crisp’s new book Deviant Calvinism: Broadening Reformed Theology (Fortress, 2014). I encouraged those who wanted to participate in the discussion to buy it and gave everyone two weeks before the start of the series. However, the book has been lying on my desk, looking up at me, and crying “Read me!” for two … [Read more...]

What “American Exceptionalism” Means to Me

All my life I've been an American patriot; I do celebrate my country as truly exceptional. I love America and get choked up every time I hear the national anthem or salute the flag. However, unlike some of my fellow Americans, I am not a nationalist. There is a difference between loving one's country and believing it is superior to all others in every way and avoiding all criticism of its government. I am grieved by those Americans who think that any and all criticism of America's government's … [Read more...]

Can a Single Act Be Both Determined and Free?

Some Calvinists (and perhaps others) argue that, in a world ruled by God, the God of the Bible, a single creaturely act can be both determined (pre-programmed by God) and free. And they claim that there are examples of this in Scripture (e.g., Joseph's brothers selling him into slavery). Here I will point out several problems with this claim.First, no where does Scripture explicitly say that a single creaturely act was both "pre-programmed" or "determined" and "free." Admittedly, there are … [Read more...]