A Few Brief Thoughts about Blogging…

Dear Readers,Occasionally, as right now, I am either too busy or too lacking in something worthwhile to say, that I fail to post here. Please don't go away just because I don't post something for a few days. I travel fairly often and often find it difficult to blog during a trip. Often the hotel I'm staying in has very poor "connectivity." Anyway, please be patient. I will continue to post here but perhaps not as often as in the past.I apologize if I sound frustrated in some of my … [Read more...]

A Shout Out for “Movember”

A Shout Out for “Movember”As everyone in the U.S. knows, October is “Breast Cancer Month.” I have seen numerous billboards, public service announcements, received many e-mails—all promoting awareness of the scourge of breast cancer and urging women to be examined for it and asking for donations to fight this terrible disease.Come February, at least in the U.S., we will experience Women’s Heart Health month with an avalanche of information, appeals, information about women’s heart health. … [Read more...]

What to Do about “Angry, White Men?”

What to Do about " Angry, White Men?"Frequently during the past year I have read and heard "white men" mentioned by journalists (and others) as the main supporters of presidential candidate Donald Trump. The word "angry" is often attached to make the reference "angry white men." A few years ago a friend who lives in a major American city sent me a clipping from that city's award-winning daily newspaper. The clipping was a column by that newspapers's feminist African-American editorial page … [Read more...]

An Alarming Trend in American Culture: The Decline of Reading Literature

An Alarming Trend in American Culture: The Decline in Reading LiteratureAccording to an article first published in The Washington Post the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) conducted a survey in 2015 that discovered a drastic decline in American adults reading habits. The NAE has been conducting this survey annually since 1982. During that time adult reading of literature (literary fiction). In 1982 57 percent of American adults confessed to reading at least one work of literature in the … [Read more...]

Follow Up to My Post about Denominations: Is Church Attendance Really “Down?”

Follow Up to My Post about Denominations...Over the past year I have read many news articles in various sources claiming that church attendance in the United States is dramatically decreased. The statistics vary a lot, so I won't bother to offer any here. My point is simply that, according to many journalists and other observers and commentators, Americans are flocking away from churches.*Sidebar: The opinions expressed here are my own (or those of the guest writer); I do not speak for … [Read more...]

Update and Reflections about Editing the Handbook of Denominations…

Update and Reflections about Editing the Handbook of DenominationsSome time ago I took on the task of editing, including revising and updating, the reference volume Handbook of Denominations in the United States 14th edition. This reference book used to be called "Mead's Handbook of Denominations" and its first editor's name always appears on the cover and title page even though he has been dead a long time.As I explained here earlier, I have always had as strong interest in American … [Read more...]

Some Evangelical Leaders Finally Come out against Trump (Widening the Gap among American Evangelicals)

Some Evangelical Leaders Finally Come out against Trump (Widening the Gap among American Evangelicals)Recently two influential evangelical leaders have denounced Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump without endorsing Hillary Clinton. (Both have also carefully not actually opposed Trump’s candidacy but restricted themselves to criticizing him personally.)Throughout this long, agonizing presidential campaign the American media have trumpeted Trump’s support by so-called “ev … [Read more...]