A Classic Book about “Corporate Election” Revised, Enlarged, and Re-Published

A Classic Book about “Corporate Election” Revised, Enlarged, and Re-PublishedI’m delighted to announce here the new publication of a modern Arminian classic: The New Chosen People: A Corporate View of Election by William Klein, Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary. This “Revised and Expanded Edition” is published by Wipf & Stock (2015).“Wait!” someone will say. Maybe Klein will say it: “This isn’t an ‘Arminian’ book! It’s a proposal for going around both Calvinism and Arminia … [Read more...]

Thoughts about Iowa, American Politics, and the Media

Thoughts about Iowa, American Politics, and the MediaI was born a few years ago in the capital city of Iowa--Des Moines. (The two "s-s" are silent, by the way. It's pronounced "d- moyn.") My mother was born just east of there in Jasper County. My stepmother was born in whatever county Clarion, Iowa is in. both were born at home on farms. So far as I know my maternal grandparents were all also born in Iowa. My maternal grandfather was born on a farm somewhere near Grinnell. I have relatives … [Read more...]

So What, Then, Is “American Evangelicalism?”

So What, Then, Is “American Evangelicalism?”One segment of American society, including both secular and religious people, including some people I consider “evangelicals” in my sense of the term, regard “American evangelicalism” as a far right-wing political movement if not a “hate group.” They base this on a combination of two factors. First, many leading spokespersons for far-right wing American politics call themselves “evangelicals.” This has been going on since fundamentalists Jerry Falwe … [Read more...]

Denomination of the Week: Church of God (Anderson, Indiana)

Denomination of the Week: Church of God (Anderson, Indiana)I realize that I am not keeping up with my intention of commenting here about a different American denomination every week, but I will occasionally post essays here about various denominations. For those of you who were not around when this series began: I have accepted the editorship of the Handbook of Denominations in the United States 14th edition. I tend to post essays here about smaller, lesser-known denominations to make people … [Read more...]

Calling out “Calling out ‘American Evangelicalism’”

Calling out “Calling out ‘American Evangelicalism’”On January 19 (2016) moderate Baptist writer and editor John Pierce published a column entitled “Calling out ‘American Evangelicalism’” at https://baptiststoday.org/calling-out-american-evangelicalism/ . Pierce is editor of Nurturing Faith Journal—“the signature publication of Baptists Today, Inc.” I know and respect him as a leading spokesman for moderate Baptists—a category in which I place myself.In my opinion, as a scholar of American … [Read more...]

Is Modern Unbelief Rooted in Christianity?

Is Modern Unbelief Rooted in Christianity?I receive many books from authors and publishers wanting me to review them on my blog. I try to do justice to as many of the “freebies” as possible, but some just don’t deserve my attention here. One that does surprises me. I strongly recommend it to you not because I agree with everything the author says in it but because it is surprising and challenging to the traditional “orthodox” interpretation of modern doubt and unbelief, secularism and even at … [Read more...]

John Piper and “Christian Hedonism”

How I Became a Christian Hedonist by John Piper

John Piper and “Christian Hedonism” Some here and elsewhere have asked me about John Piper: Do I know him? What do I think of him? That’s because, I suppose, of my open opposition to “high Calvinism” (five point Calvinism) and the Young, Restless, Reformed Movement insofar as it places that theology at its center. John Piper has long been the real “guru” of that movement and he has long been a staunch advocate of high Calvinism including divine determinism.Recently I was rifling … [Read more...]