Thoughts about Church and Holy Spirit (by a Self-Identified “Bapticostal”)

Thoughts about Church and Holy Spirit (by a Self-Identified “Bapticostal”)My class has been reading Swiss theologian Emil Brunner’s chapters about the Holy Spirit and the church; here are some thoughts I sent my students after a rather vigorous and free-wheeling discussion of Brunner’s ideas:Apparently, for Brunner, what he calls the "Ekklesia"--the primitive Christian church of the New Testament--no longer exists as it was then and cannot exist as it was then because of historical an … [Read more...]

My Review of the Television Drama Series “Madam Secretary”

My Review of the Television Drama Series “Madam Secretary”I watch only a few television series regularly. Most are, in my opinion, a total waste of time. Television is, in my opinion, by-and-large, what one television critic called “a vast wasteland” (Newton Minow, 1961) With more viewing options has come very little real improvement. I have a very low opinion of television programming in general and yet I feel the need to watch select shows to keep up with popular culture. Occasionally I … [Read more...]

My Review of the Movie “The Shack”

 Dear blog friends: Below you will find my review of the movie "The Shack" preceded by a "viewer guide" to the movie. I wrote these for InterVarsity Press which published my book "Finding God in 'The Shack'" in 2009. This viewer guide and review was first posted on their web site together with the information about my book.May I just say that I am very disappointed in some evangelical Christians' responses to both the book and the movie; in my opinion some of them are extremely … [Read more...]

Follow Up to My Blog Post about the Transgender Controversy

Follow Up to My Blog Post about the Transgender ControversyMy most recent blog post here was about the contemporary controversy over the use of locker rooms and restrooms by people transitioning from one gender or sex to another. Please do NOT read this follow up post without first reading the immediately preceding one; especially do not comment on this one without first reading that one.Normally I include in my blog posts some caveats, some disclaimers, some warnings—to avoid confusion a … [Read more...]

Is There Any Solution to the Transgender Controversy?

Is There Any Solution to the Transgender Controversy?According to numerous news reports and other media items, many Americans are concerned about transgender persons and restrooms. Much of the controversy, however, seems based on confusion and, in my opinion, the media stories have not helped.Let’s begin with a basic distinction between “gender” and “sex.” Gender is a social construct not necessarily tied to biology or physiology. Sex is a biological and physiological category. In oth … [Read more...]

Reality: Code or Narrative?

Reality: Code or Narrative? The following is a guest post by one of my most faithful and constructive blog discussion partners. I invited Luke to compose a guest post and this is the first one. Possibly others will follow. Please know that I will not be responding to comments regarding this post; Luke can respond to any as he wishes. However, please do not respond unless you have a question (which may or may not be answered) and/or a constructive comment that is intended to … [Read more...]

My Movie Review of “The Shack”

My immediately preceding post here mentioned my forthcoming movie viewers guide and review of the new movie "The Shack." They are now available for your reading pleasure (hopefully) at: copy and paste that URL into your web browser. Then, once the page appears (it may take a few seconds) go to "Related Info" and click on that.Roger Olson … [Read more...]