A Question for Christian Supporters of U.S.A. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

A Question for Christian Supporters of U.S.A. Presidential Candidate Donald TrumpHere’s my question to you—Christian supporters of Donald Trump for president of the United States: Why?Now, to prevent an avalanche of responses I can’t moderate, let me narrow the field of welcome responses that have a good chance of getting through and appearing here.First, campaigning for any candidate is not welcome; please don’t bother. It will be a waste of your time and mine. I will not post respon … [Read more...]

Is God always Gentle with Us? Calling for a Retrieval of a Balanced Biblical View of God

Is God always Gentle with Us? Calling for a Retrieval of the Balanced Biblical View of GodSometimes I think I should stop going to church; the cognitive dissonance I often experience is painful. As a veteran theologian I can’t help noticing theological faux pas in the worship services. One example is the common pulpit phrase “Let us build the Kingdom of God.” Nowhere does Scripture talk about us “building” the Kingdom of God and the phrase implies postmillennialism or an amillennialism that e … [Read more...]

Dreaming of the Ideal “Mission Trip”

Dreaming of the Ideal “Mission Trip”For those of you who don’t know what a “mission trip” is: Many churches of all denominations send their people, usually young people (but not always), on “mission trips” to work and witness in a different culture from their own. Often (but not always) such one-to-two-week excursions aim at a place far from home perceived to be “needy” in some sense. The church people go in vans, for example, pulling trailers loaded down with the mission trippers’ clothes an … [Read more...]

Tempest surrounding Bathrooms: Gender Controversy du Jour

Tempest surrounding Bathrooms: Gender Controversy du JourAgain, I fearlessly (not) go where angels fear to tread—out on a (possibly breaking) limb, onto thin ice, into a social-cultural minefield. But I think I may have some thoughts (or just musings) on the subject worth putting down on “paper” and asking others to consider.According to news reports the North Carolina legislature has passed a law requiring persons to use the public bathroom/restroom/locker room/changing room that corre … [Read more...]

On the Mystery and Meaning of Perspectives

On the Mystery and Meaning of PerspectivesThe title of this little blog post could be the title of a book! And perhaps someone has written it. I haven’t—yet. These are merely my musings about the subject sparked by a recent series of essays and letters about a television program.I live in the American city where a very popular television program produced by the cable channel HGTV (Home and Garden Television) is filmed and produced. The show is called “Fixer Upper” and stars a local couple … [Read more...]

A Long Essay on “Christian Fundamentalism”

What Is Christian “Fundamentalism” and Who Is a Christian “Fundamentalist?”I’ll begin with a series of criteria for identifying fundamentalism (or someone as a fundamentalist). Then I’ll go on to give historical-theological justification for the criteria. Readers who are not interested in the (admittedly rather lengthy and detailed) historical-theological justification can stop reading whenever they wish. (However, I warn them that if they comment on my criteria critically I will probably tel … [Read more...]

Deconstructing “Evangelicalism”

Deconstructing “Evangelicalism”Recently I had the privilege of hearing George Marsden speak. Marsden is widely considered the “dean” of evangelical historians. That is, he practically pioneered and led in the study of the history of the evangelical movement. He taught at Calvin College, Duke Divinity School and retired from the University of Notre Dame (where Mark Noll succeeded him). Marsden helped many of us, in our callow years as budding evangelical scholars, distinguish between “evange … [Read more...]