Guest Post by John Inglis Re: Carl Trueman’s First Things Article “A Church for Exiles”

Guest Post by John Inglis Re: Carl Trueman's First Things article "A Church for Exiles"  From Roger Olson: I agree with those who have suggested that frequent commenter John Inglis is an excellent and insightful writer. I asked him to work one of his recent comments into a guest post for this blog and below is his response. I couldn't have said it better myself.  Carl Trueman's “A Church for Exiles” and Roger Olson's response are worth working through carefully: if Chr … [Read more...]

Evangelical Superstars and Why They Fall

Some Thoughts about Evangelical Superstar Pastors and Evangelists and Why They FallIn recent weeks and months another American evangelical superstar pastor (also author and popular speaker) has fallen off his pedestal—if not completely at least partially and with a loud noise. As always when this happens, his followers and fans are divided. Some support him almost unconditionally while some accuse him of spiritual abuse, abuse of power and various misdeeds. It has all gone viral. This time, f … [Read more...]

An Arminian-Anabaptist Response to “A Church for Exiles” by Carl R. Trueman

An Arminian-Anabaptist Response to “A Church for Exiles” by Carl R. Trueman The August, 2014 issue of the journal First Things (online) contains an article by Westminster Theological Seminary church history professor Carl R. Trueman entitled “A Church for Exiles: Why Reformed Christianity Provides the Best Basis for Faith Today.” I suggest you read it before reading and considering my response here. (Simply “google” the title to find the article online.) I suggest reading the last paragraph of t … [Read more...]

Should Christians Fear Being “On the Wrong Side of History?”

Should Christians Fear Being "On the Wrong Side of History?"I cannot count the number of times I have heard people, including some Christians, say that Christians should adjust their view of sexuality (viz., become "welcoming and affirming" and support same-sex marriage) because, otherwise, they are going to turn out to be "on the wrong side of history." That's code for turning out to have been like our ancestors who defended slavery, oppression of women, and resisted the Civil Rights … [Read more...]

God and Children: Would Jesus (God) Command Their Slaughter?

God and Children: Would Jesus (God) Command Their Slaughter?Recently I posted here about God's character and argued that God could not, because of his character, revealed in Jesus, command the merciless slaughter of children. Several conservative Christians objected, pointing to Old Testament texts of terror such as 1 Samuel 15 where God is reported as ordering the Hebrews to slaughter an entire tribe including infants. If there is anything in the Bible with which I struggle more than this, … [Read more...]

Follow Up to My Post about the Paranormal

I didn't want that post (the immediately preceding one) to get too long, so I omitted one observation-experience that formed part of its immediate background. I mentioned the advice columnists who told the boy's mother to take him to a doctor--assuming he was suffering delusions when he claimed to be seeing and hearing from a dead cousin about whom he knew nothing naturally.I confess that because of some of my own life experiences I am interested in the paranormal. I watch television … [Read more...]

How Open Should Christians Be to the “Paranormal?”

How Open Should Christians Be to the "Paranormal?"American popular culture loves the paranormal and almost anything can be lumped into that category and depicted for entertainment. But as much as Americans love to imagine ghosts, clairvoyance, and supernatural powers, most do not really believe in them. We are the opposite of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his fictional character Sherlock Holmes. Holmes did not believe in anything beyond reason and sensory evidence. He was, to all appearances, … [Read more...]