Just Passed a Milestone! One Thousand Posts!

According to Patheos and WordPress my blog has just passed the one thousand mark--one thousand blog posts since my blog was "adopted" by Patheos. Before joining Patheos it existed independently at www.rogereolson.com (which will still work). I don't have a record of how many posts I made there--before this blog came into the Patheos family.Chances are, if you want to know what Roger E. Olson thinks about almost any subject philosophical or theological, you can simply "google" my name and the … [Read more...]

Defending Denominations in a “Postdenominational Age”

Defending Denominations in a “Postdenominational Age”The “word on the street” is that we are living in a postdenominational age. Allegedly, denominations are “old school” and dying out. New forms of church life and cooperation are arising; independent, non-denominational churches are flourishing. Many churches are dropping their denominational identities; denominations are morphing into “networks.” People, so it is said, are shying away from churches with denominational labels in favor of chu … [Read more...]

The “Man Problem” Is Finally Getting Some Attention…But Not Enough

The "Man Problem" Is Finally Getting Some Attention...But Not EnoughI've written much her over the years about the "decline of men"--especially as it affects boys and male health in general. All educators know about the "boy crisis" in schools--from elementary grades through graduate schools. Anyone who pays attention knows that men's health is seriously neglected by government and non-profit organizations.On the positive side, one major Texas health organization (Baylor Scott & … [Read more...]

Is the Bible “Inerrant” or “Infallible?”

Is the Bible “Inerrant” or “Infallible?”I was recently asked here to explain the difference between biblical inerrancy and biblical infallibility. I affirm the Bible’s infallibility but deny its inerrancy. The complete explanation would take a book, so this will inevitably by a brief summary explanation.Understanding the difference between the two concepts, at least as I understand it, requires understanding the difference between two interpretations of the Bible’s inspiration. Some evang … [Read more...]

What Is a “Complete Gospel?”

What Is a “Complete Gospel?”Recently a well-known and influential Calvinist pastor-theologian posted a sermon or essay on his web site asking whether Arminianism preaches a “complete gospel.” His answer was, of course, that it does not. Only Calvinism does (so he implied).I’d like to note two things about this before answering the question “What is a ‘complete gospel’?”First, “Arminianism” does not “preach” anything; neither does “Calvinism.” These are theologies, not people. Perhaps … [Read more...]

The Power of Negative Thinking

In some ways it  has been the curse of my life, a genuine burden and even bane of my existence. For as long as I can remember I've tended to see problems everywhere I look. To my way of thinking, they simply jump out at me. I don't have to strive to see or find them. They're just there: ignorance (of those who shouldn't be ignorant), injustice, malice, short-sightedness, illogical thinking and communicating, neglect (of people and issues that shouldn't be neglected), deceit, and, of course, … [Read more...]

Here Comes “Movember?” (Or Not)

Here Comes “Movember?” (Or Not)A few years ago I was strolling on the downtown pedestrian zone of Boulder, Colorado when I saw an intriguing sign in a store window. The sign was announcing a movement and month-long fund raising project called “Movember.” It explained that the purpose was to raise money for men’s health, especially cancer awareness and research, during November by asking men not to shave. I never did really figure out how that would raise money, but I guess it’s something like … [Read more...]