Why I Voted for Trump

Preface: The following blog post essay is a Guest Post; the author was invited by me to submit his explanation of why he voted for Donald Trump in the most recent U.S. presidential election. He does not speak for me (which is not to say I disagree with everything he says). Many people I know wonder why any reasonable person would have voted for Trump for president. I know the author of this guest post very well; we have been close friends for many years. He is an evangelical Christian but not a … [Read more...]

Again: Is It Time to Give More Attention to the Plight of White Men in America?

Again: Is It Time to Give More Attention to the Plight of White Men in America?One of the things I like to use my blog for is to raise questions and tackle issues that many people in my circles (thoughtful, academic, moderately progressive) do not. I “put my ear to the ground,” so to speak and listen for issues that might really be worth attention but that are considered politically incorrect.Some time ago, during the U.S. presidential election, I asked whether it might be worthwhile … [Read more...]

The Best Idea Ever

The Best Idea EverMy most recent post here was entitled “The Worst Idea Ever” and dealt with nominalism. Now I will write about “The Best Idea Ever.” These are big subjects and highly debatable. These are my musings about them. “Musings” indicates openness to change, present thoughts, reflections.The reason I chose nominalism as “the worst idea ever” was because of its inexorable consequences, especially belief that only might makes right. That holds true for every logical nominalist … [Read more...]

The Worst Idea Ever

The Worst Idea EverLong-time readers of this blog may already guess what I will say is the “worst idea ever.” Or, at least they won’t be surprised when they read it here. However, I need to remind myself once in a while that many of this blog’s readers are new and convince myself it’s okay to repeat earlier arguments.Scholars of intellectual history love to play this game—viz., about turning points in the history of ideas that may have birthed perhaps unintended consequences. In other … [Read more...]

Should Churches Engage in Partisan Politicking?

Should Churches Engage in Partisan Politicking?According to news reports, United States President Donald Trump has rewarded some of his religious supporters by signing an executive order ordering the U.S. Treasury Department, which includes the Internal Revenue Service, not to prosecute or otherwise punish religious organizations or their leaders for endorsing or opposing candidates for public office. In other words, according to the news reports I have read, he is nullifying the … [Read more...]

Why Do We Not Hear More about “Rich Privilege?”

Why Do We Not Hear More about “Rich Privilege?”Over the past several years I have heard and read many references to “white privilege” and “male privilege.” These seem to be the only types of “privilege” socially progressive people talk about and disparage. Although I sometimes think these phrases are over used, I don’t disagree that our American society still struggles to level the playing field of privilege by abolishing unearned privilege. Being white and being male should not give one … [Read more...]

Can Science Alone Decide the Meaning of “Human?”

Can Science Alone Decide the Meaning of “Human?” Recently here (and elsewhere) a question has arisen and I would like to at least take a “stab” at answering it: Can science alone decide what it means to be “human?” The question could be asked in several different ways and adding some of them here will help “pin down” the issue at stake: Can science (as understood by most people in the modern, Western world) distinguish between “human” being and “non-human” being? and Does it lie … [Read more...]