Getting to the Bottom of Thinking: There Is No “View from Nowhere”…

Getting to the Bottom of Thinking: There Is No “View from Nowhere” (And an Illustration from Differing Beliefs about God)When I encounter disagreement about which I care, I attempt to “dig down” to rock bottom presuppositions and work up from there. Often, disagreements over philosophical-theological issues have to do with presuppositions. Many years ago I began to think about philosophical-theological (and I might add social-political and ethical) disagreements in terms of governing, even dr … [Read more...]

Should a Christian Ever Act as if God Does Not Exist? (With a View toward Faith-Learning Integration)

“Should A Christian Ever Act As If God Does Not Exist? (With A View toward Faith-Learning Integration)”Samford University Holley-Hull Lecture October 8, 2015Roger E. OlsonAbout two years ago I became acquainted with sociologist of religion Peter Berger who is a distinguished visiting professor at Baylor University. Of course I have known of Berger for many years and was actually a bit surprised when he called me and invited me to lunch. He was on campus teaching a two week doctoral se … [Read more...]

Why I Still Call Myself “Evangelical” in Spite of Everything….

Why I Still Call Myself “Evangelical” In Spite of EverythingorEvangelicalism Is Dead; Long Live EvangelicalismRoger E. OlsonPrelude: This is the talk I would have given had I been invited to speak at the 2001 conference “Pilgrims on the Sawdust Trail” which I attended at Beeson Divinity School. It’s a bit updated, but essentially the same as what I would have said there and then. I gave it in chapel/convocation at Samford University as part of the Holley-Hull Lectures the week of … [Read more...]

Holley-Hull Lecture “A Relational View of God’s Sovereignty”

I delivered this talk at Vestavia Hills Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama as part of the annual Holley-Hull Lecture Series on Wednesday, October 7. (The other lectures were at Samford University.) A Relational View of God’s SovereigntyRoger E. OlsonMy office phone rang and I answered it. A stern voice said “Is this Roger Olson?” who which I confessed. The man introduced himself as pastor of Baptist church in the state, implying that he was a constituent of the seminary wh … [Read more...]

Outrageous “Justification” of Shooting of Black Child in Cleveland, Ohio

Outrageous “Justification” of Shooting of Black Child in Cleveland, OhioAccording to an Associated Press news report by Mitch Stacy (Sunday, October 11, 2015) two consultants to the Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Prosecutor’s office have declared the November, 2014 shooting of twelve year old African-American boy Tamir Rice by a “rookie patrolman” “justified.”I saw the video of this shooting on network television news—several times. I’m sure if you search for it on the internet you can see it for … [Read more...]

Why (High) Calvinism Is Impossible (with Special Reference to Romans 9)

This is a talk I gave to a group of outstanding students at Samford University October 7 (2015)--part of the Holley-Hull Lecture series I delivered there that week. I will post other lectures of the series over the next week.Why (High) Calvinism Is ImpossibleIn one of his sermons against Calvinism, Methodist founder John Wesley famously remarked about the Calvinist interpretation of Romans 9 that “Whatever it means, it cannot mean that.” I think many people, especially committed Cal … [Read more...]

My Holley-Hull Lectures at Samford University

This week (October 6-9, 2015) I've had the privilege of delivering the annual Holly-Hull Lectures at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Several people asked me about receiving copies of my lectures and I promised to put those here. I'll do that over the next week--one at a time. Others may find them interesting as well. I spoke about God's "relational sovereignty," what I mean when I call myself "evangelical," and faith-learning integration. I also spoke to a small group of honor … [Read more...]