My stock answer is: What’s the alternative? Read more

Many evangelical and especially Pentecostal-charismatic evangelists have claimed the ability to cause people they pray for to fall down without willing it to happen. Read more

R. C. Sproul R.I.P. A Great Evangelical Thinker Remembered Last month (December, 2017) evangelicalism lost one of its most articulate intellectuals and a man who, through his many books and articles influenced me and an entire generation of evangelical Christians—mostly for the better. Robert Charles Sproul (b. 1939) passed away after a life of dedication and service to God and the Body of Christ. Throughout the 1960s until at least the first decade of the 21st century he was one… Read more

And Now…More about Trump’s Vile Comments about Other Countries I rarely compose an entire post responding to commenters, but this time I feel a prophetic compulsion to do so. First, many of you who jumped to defend Trump in response to my most recent blog post (about his calling certain other countries than the U.S. “sh*thole countries”) often missed my point entirely. It was not aimed at Trump’s presidency as a whole or even his politics or policies. And it… Read more

Jesus was a citizen of a “sh*thole country” if there ever was one. Read more

Too many Christians have given up the traditional concept that God created everything outside himself “ex nihilo”—“out of nothing.” Read more

This is a trend growing exponentially—local congregations being “led” (that is, looking to) a Christian speaker (pastor, evangelist) far away who hardly knows they exist. Read more

2018 marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most horrific tragedies in recent American history. Read more

Why Become Roman Catholic? A Response to Christian Smith and Others Don’t get me wrong; I have great respect for sociologist Christian Smith and many others who have converted from Protestantism to Roman Catholicism. The history of this goes back a long way; I can remember when Gordon College English professor Thomas Howard converted. Then came Peter Kreeft and many, many others. I have had excellent, bright, very evangelical students who have converted to the Church of Rome—from so-called mainline… Read more

One thing my study of the history of Christian thought has taught me is never to predict the future of Christianity. Read more

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