Some Random Memories and Thoughts about “Memorial Day” in the United States

Some Random Memories and Thoughts about Memorial Day in the United States I know the history of it, but in many parts of the US its original intention has been largely forgotten. It was originally a holiday to remember those Americans who died in war or who fought in war and died later (deceased veterans). Where I grew up and lived most of my early life it was also known as “Decoration Day.” It was a day to visit cemeteries… Read more

And Meanwhile…Something to See about Which I Will Eventually Blog

Eventually, when I am able to, I will review here the documentary “The Mask You Live In.” I am watching it on Amazon; I’m not sure whether it is available elsewhere. Google for it or check Youtube. As many of you know, I believe one of the biggest social problems America faces is distorted masculinity (“machismo”) which many sociologists and psychologists believe begins with bad parenting, bad coaching, bad peer pressure and the “boy code” that kicks in around early… Read more

A Personal Note for Those Who Are Interested…

Dear Blog Friends (and Others): There are times throughout the year when, for a period of time, my schedule changes dramatically and I am simply not able to keep up with my blog. I apologize if that causes anyone any distress or consternation. This is one of those times. But I do still usually find moments when I can glance at comments and respond. Usually, during these times, I cannot respond with as much depth or detail as I normally… Read more

Is There Meaning and Purpose to Life?

I do not think the “meaning of life” can be discovered apart from its being revealed by life’s Creator. Read more

Why I Voted for Trump

Will my vote for Trump help slow the incoming tide of anarchy and depravity? Or will my vote for Trump prove to be a vote for fascism? Time will tell. Read more

Again: Is It Time to Give More Attention to the Plight of White Men in America?

Again: Is It Time to Give More Attention to the Plight of White Men in America? One of the things I like to use my blog for is to raise questions and tackle issues that many people in my circles (thoughtful, academic, moderately progressive) do not. I “put my ear to the ground,” so to speak and listen for issues that might really be worth attention but that are considered politically incorrect. Some time ago, during the U.S. presidential election,… Read more

The Best Idea Ever

The Best Idea Ever My most recent post here was entitled “The Worst Idea Ever” and dealt with nominalism. Now I will write about “The Best Idea Ever.” These are big subjects and highly debatable. These are my musings about them. “Musings” indicates openness to change, present thoughts, reflections. The reason I chose nominalism as “the worst idea ever” was because of its inexorable consequences, especially belief that only might makes right. That holds true for every logical nominalist whether… Read more

The Worst Idea Ever

When I look back over my lifetime in this world I think I can identify the source of my discomfort with it. Read more

Should Churches Engage in Partisan Politicking?

Should Churches Engage in Partisan Politicking? According to news reports, United States President Donald Trump has rewarded some of his religious supporters by signing an executive order ordering the U.S. Treasury Department, which includes the Internal Revenue Service, not to prosecute or otherwise punish religious organizations or their leaders for endorsing or opposing candidates for public office. In other words, according to the news reports I have read, he is nullifying the so-called “Johnson Amendment” which forbade non-profit, tax-exempt organizations,… Read more

Why Do We Not Hear More about “Rich Privilege?”

There can be little or no doubt that “rich privilege” is evident across the board in American society. Just being affluent (or being perceived to be affluent) paves the way for special treatment everywhere. Read more

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