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Some thoughts about “Christian feminism”

Going where angels fear to tread: a response to “Christian feminism”Anyone who pays close attention to my writings and especially to my blog knows I am an advocate of women’s rights and equality of women with men (and vice versa). My wife and I have enjoyed an egalitarian marriage for almost 40 years. I have two adult daughters I (with my wife) raised to resist any attempts to limit their potentials due to their gender. Within evangelical and Baptist circles I have advocated for women in mini … [Read more...]

For God So Loved the World…That He Couldn’t Stay Away (A Christmas Meditation)

For God So Loved the World…That He Couldn’t Stay Away: A Christmas MeditationThis is the heart of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and therefore of authentic Christianity: the incarnation of God as “one of us.” Take it away and Christianity is little more than a moralistic, therapeutic deism. The incarnation, as event and doctrine, is the distinctive note of the Christian witness and the basis of Christian hope.But many Christians believe in the incarnation of God in Jesus, but … [Read more...]

Why belief in the deity of Jesus Christ is crucial for Christian identity

If Jesus was not God…Recently here I talked about the importance of the incarnation and the deity of Jesus Christ for Christian identity. In light of our more recent discussion of atheism and the use of transcendental argumentation to demonstrate the rationality of belief in God, I’d now like to put forth some thoughts about the deity of Jesus Christ in the same way: viz., What if Jesus was/is not God? The reason for this is the phenomenon of people often within Christian churches and org … [Read more...]

And end (for now) to the “Atheismusstreit”

(If you're not sure what "Atheismusstreit" means--google it.)This is my blog so I declare victory in the argument about atheism and nihilism. Unfortunately, very few who have joined in the argument (from the atheist side) have even understood what it's all about. I suspect much of their confusion is caused by a misunderstanding of what I mean by "objective."But what causes me to declare victory (not for me but for the argument) is the failure of any atheist here to answer my "Hitler … [Read more...]

A comment about atheists’ comments here

I have posted many atheists' critical responses to my two posts about atheism and nihilism. Many other comments have gone in the trash bin because they were rabid and not civil.However, I am dismayed by the fact that few, if any, of my atheist interlocutors have really understood the argument. Most have read things into my posts that simply were not there.Henceforth I will only post responses that reflect real reading and at least rudimentary grasp of what I wrote and do not rely on … [Read more...]

Atheism and nihilism

Why Not Atheism?Recently I posted here under the title “Thank God for Atheists.” In spite of that title, and some positive things I said about atheists and their contribution to authentic Christianity, several atheists came here to attack me calling me names and making unsubstantiated assertions (no arguments, just ad hominem attacks) about Christians and theists in general. I didn’t approve those for viewing here. However, a couple of atheists asked, perhaps sincerely, why I think theism is … [Read more...]

Thank God for atheists

What I mean, of course, is "Thank God for allowing atheists to be atheists." I DON'T mean "Thank God for atheism!" But I also think atheists do Christians a service--unintentionally, of course.My thoughts today are stimulated by the passing of famous atheist author Christopher Hitchens (who died Thursday). Hitchens was, of course, the author of the 2007 book God is Not Great (which is anything but a great book). And they are sparked by an article in The New York Times by Jennifer Schuessler … [Read more...]