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Part 9 of Response to The Gospel as Center: Justification

Part 9 of Response to The Gospel as Center: Chapter 9, “Justification” by Philip Graham RykenAfter a brief hiatus I return to my promised series of responses to The Gospel Coalition’s book The Gospel as Center: Renewing Our Faith and Reforming Our Ministry Practices edited by D. A. Carson and Timothy Keller (Crossway, 2012).Philip Graham Ryken, Presbyterian Church of America minister and president of Wheaton College writes about the doctrine of justification by grace alone through faith a … [Read more...]

Christless Christianity in Movies?

About a year ago my friend Mike Horton published a book entitled Christless Christianity. Mike is a Calvinist and we certainly disagree about TULIP (well, at least we disagree about the U, the L and the I). But we agree that much of American Christianity, even much that claims to be "evangelical," is slipping into what I would call "Christianity without Jesus." He calls the same phenomenon "Christless Christianity." Of course that's an oxymoron--to both of us.I think it's nowhere better … [Read more...]

Mention in New York Times (April 29)

Thanks to the faithful visitor to my blog who alerted me to the fact that I am mentioned in this Sunday's (April 29, 2012) New York Times (Book Reviews) in an article entitled "Breaking Faith"--a review by Randall Balmer. Balmer uses me as one of five people who provide "evidence of the vitality of Christian thinking." I really don't think I deserve that, but I'll gladly accept it (especially if it helps sell my books! :)I have known Randall casually for several years. He's the son of an … [Read more...]

Experimenting with formatting/fonts

Please excuse this test post. I'm trying to find the right font. The one I see when I create my post isn't what shows up when the post appears on my blog. I'll keep working on it. … [Read more...]

Emerging Churches and the Jesus People Movement Compared

Emerging Churches and the Jesus People Movement Compared Earlier I blogged about similarities I see between the Young, Restless, Reformed movement and the Bill Gothard Basic Youth Conflicts Seminars movement of the 1970s and 1980s. Now I would like to discuss similarities and differences between two mostly youth-oriented Christian movements separated by about forty years—the contemporary Emerging (or Emergent) Churches Movement (ECM) and the much earlier Jesus People Movement (JPM). Recently I … [Read more...]

Certainty Not. (A Guest Post)

What follows is a guest post by Austin Fischer, Teaching Pastor at Vista Community Church, Belton, Texas. Austin is a seminary graduate with strong interest in theology. As always with guest posts, I have to say that "The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Roger Olson." However, I wouldn't put this here if I didn't agree with its basic message. These are Austin's words, so I am going to let him respond to comments about this message. Certainty … [Read more...]

What distinguishes “evangelical” from “fundamentalist?”

What Distinguishes “Evangelical” from “Fundamentalist?”Is it possible to be truly, authentically evangelical without being fundamentalist? That’s what I really meant to ask in books like Reformed and Always Reforming, How to Be Evangelical without Being Conservative, and Questions to All Your Answers (and in many of my articles about “postconservative evangelicalism.”The problem is that, over the last few decades, fewer and fewer people call themselves “fundamentalists.” I think that prob … [Read more...]