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Beating a Dead Horse…One More Post about the SBC Statement about Calvinism (for Now)

Okay, I know some of you will think "Olson, it's time to move on!" Perhaps. But this is my blog and a place for my musings; skip this post if you're just tired of this subject. I promise to turn to something else soon.I propose that evangelical and Baptist theologians and church leaders sign a consensus statement to attempt to bring peace and light into an otherwise too polemical atmosphere. The framers and signers will include: Five Point Calvinists, Classical Arminians, and Open … [Read more...]

Follow Up to My Immediately Preceding Post Re: The SBC Statement about Calvinism

This is to those of you who have responded critically or plan to--arguing that my objection to portions of the statement "Truth, Trust, and Testimony in a Time of Tension" as possibly disingenuous (please re-read my post for the main example) is wrong.Please! Respond to my questions! (These were in my post and I was hoping for and expecting people who support the statement to respond.)1) Do you think it would be fully ingenuous (candid, frank, simple, fully honest and revealing) for an … [Read more...]

Disingenuous Calvinists?

Disingenuous Calvinists?Recently I blogged about the Southern Baptist statement “Truth, Trust, and Testimony in a Time of Tension.” I provided a link to it, but some have told me they could not access it using that link. So, I suggest you simply “Google” it by that title and “SBCLife” (The Journal of the Southern Baptist Convention). That has worked for me. The entire statement is there if you click on the title of the statement when you get to that web site.That blog message is only a fe … [Read more...]

A Talk on God and Suffering (Given at “Theology Live” Event in Beeville, Texas)

God in Our Suffering Roger E. Olson             I’m no expert in suffering. I’ve neither suffered much myself nor observed much suffering close up. In fact, to be perfectly honest, suffering scares me. I’m a suffering sissy. I don’t like suffering. However, suffering is part of life in this world. There is no truer statement in the Bible than that “Man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward” (Job 5:7). Evil and innocent suffering are major challenges to my profession—theology, the “science … [Read more...]

You Might Be “Reformed” If…

You Might Be “Reformed” If….The rise of the so-called “young, restless, Reformed” movement during the past decade has given rise to concerns about the uses and misuses of the label “Reformed.” Recently, Southern Baptist and Calvinist pastor Wade Burleson has waded in on the debate. ( I’m not going to respond to his post here; I don’t want him to think I’m “dogging” him. I’ll let Reformed apologists respond to his claim that … [Read more...]

Some Good Summer Reading (Recommended New or Forthcoming Theology Books)

Some Good Summer Reading (Recommended New or Forthcoming Theology Books) Summer is a time when I try to catch up on reading. During the academic year books tend to pile up on a table in my home study. Eventually, usually during the summer, I get around to reading some. I’m often reading (or listening to) several books at the same time (don’t take that too literally!). I’m usually writing one book while finishing the “details” of a previous one (e.g., creating its index) and planning the next one … [Read more...]

My Response to the Southern Baptist Statement “Truth, Trust, and Testimony…”

My Response to the Southern Baptist Statement “Truth, Trust, and Testimony In A Time of Tension” (A Statement from the Calvinism Advisory Committee)First, you should read the statement at . If you don’t read the statement first, much of what I say will not make sense to you. (Of course, it might not even if you do read the statement, but that’s a given…a given that you might just disagree with me about basic matters of perspective or think my writing is b … [Read more...]