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Christian Philosophy for Newbies

One of the questions I am frequently asked is "Whom can I read to learn about philosophy from a Christian perspective if I'm not trained in philosophy?" Another, related question, is "Whom can I recommend beginners read in Christian philosophy?"I have one constant suggestion: Keith Ward. Look him up (google him and look at his web site and his amazon page).Ward is an orthodox Christian and trained philosopher who has written and continues to write many books of philosophy and theology … [Read more...]

A Guest Post: Arminianism Simply Summarized, Explained, Defended by Brian Abasciano (founder of the Society of Evangelical Arminians and evangelical biblical scholar)

The FACTS of Salvation: A Summary of Arminian Theology/the Biblical Doctrines of Grace By Brian Abasciano   (For a pdf file of the present article, see here.)  The distinctive tenets of Arminian theology may be presented using the acronym FACTS. The opposing theology of Calvinism is well known for its acronym TULIP (for a description of TULIP, see here). But Arminians prefer to deal with the facts rather than play with flowers. And here they are, presented by logical order … [Read more...]

Following Up My Last Post Regarding the Incarnation: The Line between Orthodoxy and Speculation

My latest post regarding the ongoing reality of the incarnation provoked many good questions about underlying assumptions, which, in turn, have led me to respond about the Reformation debates about Christology (which led to debates about the Lord's Supper).I want to make clear that I hope to draw a line, however indistinct it may seem at times, between "basic Christian orthodoxy" and "theological speculation." This is one reason I wrote The Mosaic of Christian Belief--to pare Christian … [Read more...]

Is the Son of God Still a Human Being? A Meditation on the Incarnation

Is the Son of God Still a Human Being? A Meditation on the IncarnationI don't remember when it first occurred to me that the majority of American Christians seem to think the incarnation was temporary, a mere interim in the eternal existence of the Son of God, the Word, the Logos, the Second Person of the Trinity. Early in my career of teaching Christian theology to undergraduates (seventeen years at two Christian institutions of higher learning) I discovered that most of my students assumed … [Read more...]

The Parable of the Carnival and the “Freak Show”

The Parable of the Carnival and the "Freak Show"*This is fiction. Any resemblance to real persons or organizations is purely coincidental.Many years ago, long before the internet, television or even radio, three wealthy businessmen got together and decided to found a traveling carnival with a singular purpose. It would be different from other traveling carnivals and would be called "Culture and Enlightenment." The "C & E Show." Instead of the usual rides and games they hired on … [Read more...]

Review of Apostles of Reason by Molly Worthen: Part 3 (Final)

Review of Apostles of Reason by Molly Worthen: Part 3 (Final)This review is primarily of Part III of Apostles of Reason—a recently published book by historian Molly Worthen published by Oxford University Press. (No thanks to OUP which declined to respond to my request for a review copy.) Part III is entitled "Let Them Have Dominion."This is, without doubt, one of the most challenging books about evangelicalism that I have read. It's challenging for several reasons but two stand out at t … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Respond to Every Critic or Debate Every Calvinist

Over the past few years many, many people have asked me to respond to critics--most of them Calvinists. Many have also pressured me to enter into public debates with specific Calvinist theologians and radio personalities. I decline most such invitations and urgings. I choose my conversation partners carefully.For one thing, I simply do not have time to get into long, protracted debates with everyone who criticizes me or Arminianism. They are too numerous.But that does not mean I shy away … [Read more...]