An Open Letter to Lecrae (Christian Hip-Hop Recording Artist)

Please, please, Lecrae, do not abandon evangelicalism according to its true meaning which is not tied to any movement. Read more

Thoughts about the Boy Scouts of America Admitting Girls

I am shocked, dismayed and very upset about this. Read more

Some Reckless but Hopefully Faithful Christian Thoughts about Marriage

Is Christian recognition of civil marriage a relic of Christendom? Read more

What’s Wrong with Men in America? Some Questions and Reflections about Mass Shootings

The one seemingly obvious commonality in these tragic, even horrific events: they are all committed by boys or men. Read more

When It Comes to Calvinism, Logic Can Lead to Heresy

Most Calvinists I have ever read or heard or spoken to will insist that God is not the author of sin and evil. But can they, real Calvinists, say that with logic on their side? Read more

Ought I to Repent of Being a White Male?

I reject any idea that I, or anyone else, should “repent” of anything they cannot help being. Read more

Is “Normal” Really Just a Setting on the Washing Machine?

Is “Normal” Really Just a Setting on the Washing Machine? Or, another way of asking it is “Is ‘normal’ just a town in Illinois?” I have heard it said both ways—that “normal” is just a setting on the washing machine (or drying machine) and that “normal” is just a town in Illinois. Going deeper—these clichés seem to represent, express, a common attitude growing even among Christians (especially young ones). I certainly see it being represented in popular culture. I write… Read more

Can Mormons Be Christians?

For me, there is no simple answer to that question. Read more

The Legacy of the Reformation in Contemporary Evangelicalism

  “The Legacy of the Reformation in Contemporary Evangelicalism” (Address at Symposium “The Living Reformation: 500 Years of Martin Luther” at Brigham Young University, September 15, 2017) Roger E. Olson Someone, somewhere, at some time, decided that the Protestant Reformation began on October 31, 1517 when German monk Martin Luther nailed “95 Theses”—propositions for public debate—to a church door in Wittenberg, Saxony. Throughout Christendom Protestant Christians celebrate the Sunday closest to October 31 as “Reformation Day” and sing Luther’s great… Read more

Arminianism Is Grace-Centered Theology

“Arminianism Is Grace-centered Christian Theology” Roger E. Olson The Martin McCullough Lecture First Baptist Church of Murfreesboro, Tennessee September 10, 2017 The first Baptists, led by English Independent, Separatist, Congregationalist pastors John Smyth and Thomas Helwys, beginning around 1610, were later known as “General Baptists.” This was to contrast them with a different tribe of early Baptists known as “Particular Baptists” who arose in England around 1640. Eventually these two British tribes of Baptists wrote two different statements of faith…. Read more

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