Torture Again: Why It Is Always Wrong and More I know that I have written about torture here before, so some of you long-time readers of my blog may be bored with the subject. But it has been quite a long time since I wrote about it. And there’s a specific reason for this new post about the subject. I recently read a news wire report about President Trump’s appointment of a woman to lead the American Central Intelligence Agency… Read more

What Is “Original Sin?” And Where Has It Gone (In American Christianity)? I fully realize that I have written about this here before, but many of you, my newer readers, have surely not read my musings about this historic doctrine of the Christian faith—one that seems to me to have largely died away, again, especially in American Christianity. First, an anecdote. I invited a pastor-theologian of a major “mainline” Protestant denomination to speak to my church history/historical theology class about… Read more

This blog post is intended ONLY for pastors and lay leaders of evangelical Protestant churches—especially in the U.S. I will invite theologians and biblical scholars to join in the discussion as well (so long as they also consider themselves evangelical Protestants). Please keep your comments relatively brief. This is not an invitation to post sermons or essays here. These are my musings and questions only; they should not be interpreted as speaking or asking for anyone else. I have been… Read more

Is It True that “What’s Good for Business is Good for America?” There it was again—in an editorial of a newspaper—the cliché I’ve heard all my life: “What’s good for business is good for America.” As a Christian theologian I have spoken out against folk religion which consists of unconsidered, unreflective clichés. Is there such a thing, perhaps, as folk economics? The editorial was promoting the election of “pro-business” candidates for public office. For that particular editorial writer “pro-business” meant… Read more

Remembering Billy Graham (1918-2018) On Wednesday, February 21, American evangelist Billy Graham passed away just months before his one hundredth birthday. By all accounts he had been an invalid for a few years which is probably why the national media did not spend as much time reporting on his life and death as they did when Pope John Paul II died. I remember thinking to myself, while watching the lengthy and elaborate journalistic and media encomiums for the pope, “I… Read more

Would You Be Mad at God if He Saved Everyone? Another way of getting at the same thing is to pose this question: “What if, somehow, by some means, you became convinced that God will, eventually, save all people? Would you be angry at God and would you drop evangelism?” What’s the point of the question? Well, it is to measure the actual “temperature” of a person’s Christianity. Over the years I have posed this question to many Christians. Usually… Read more

What Is “Progressive Christianity” and Why Should You Beware of It? First of all, do not assume anything! I will define what I mean by “progressive Christianity” here. It is, of course, an indexical phrase which means it cannot be defined except within a particular context. And, of course, different people mean different things by it. And yet, it is being used within churches and denominations and Christian organizations and cannot just be ignored. Generally speaking, at least outside of… Read more

One Cause of Christian Syncretism Beautifully Explained in a New Documentary: What Is New Thought? If you are a Christian, especially an American Christian, and you are concerned about the eclectic blending of non-Christian philosophies and spiritualities with Christianity (syncretism) in contemporary American culture, you must watch “What Is New Thought?”—a documentary available on Amazon. It is free for those with Amazon Prime and can be purchased by others. I have long known about and been very concerned about the… Read more

Why My Conversations with Calvinists Are Rarely Productive One of the reasons I started this blog—before it was picked up by Patheos—was to promote classical Arminianism. Another reason was to explain why I am not a Calvinist. This was at the height of the so-called “Young, Restless, Reformed Movement” in which many young evangelical Calvinists and their older spiritual mentors were misrepresenting Arminianism and promoting a version of Calvinism that even many classical Reformed theologians found troubling. I have had… Read more

The facts are irrefutable now; American football causes long-term and irreversible brain damage in many players. Read more

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