Why I Am Not a Fan of Contemporary American Sports

Why I Am Not a Fan of Contemporary American SportsIn spite of my good intentions and promises to myself I just cannot seem to avoid expressing controversial opinions here. That has sometimes resulted in inter-personal controversies I regret. I hope what I say here can be taken as my “musings” and not as any criticism of or attack on persons—except those who I believe exploit athletes and athletics for personal gain whether that be monetary or entertainment.I will start out with a discl … [Read more...]

Is There a “Christian Ideology?”

Is There a “Christian Ideology?”Recently I read an editorial that referred to a Christian university’s “Christian ideology.” This editorial was written by a very intelligent journalist. (Like all editorials it was unsigned, but I happen to know who wrote it.) To me, anyway, “Christian ideology” is an oxymoron. If something is true Christianity it cannot be ideological; if something is a true ideology it cannot be authentically Christian.So, before someone jumps in to protest, let me ackno … [Read more...]

One of American Evangelicalism’s Biggest Failures…

One of American Evangelicalism’s Biggest Failures: Lack of Literary Fiction about ItselfWhen I write a blog post I have to assume readers know something about “where I’m coming from.” I can’t stop and spent hundreds of words explaining my background, my mental, spiritual and emotional context. On the other hand I am excruciatingly aware that not knowing that (which is often the case with newcomers to my blog) sets up a likelihood of misunderstanding. So, for those who don’t already know, I am … [Read more...]

An Evangelical Response to David Gushee’s RNS Essay “On LGBT Equality”

An Evangelical Response to David Gushee’s RNS Essay “On LGBT Equality”In his August 22, 2016 Religion News Service essay “on LGBT equality, middle ground is disappearing,” evangelical ethicist David Gushee rightly announces that “middle ground” on the issue of LGBT equality is quickly disappearing. Americans, including Christians, are increasingly polarized over it. That’s more or less acknowledged by most people. I have tried to explore and recommend some middle ground myself, here, on my bl … [Read more...]

Preview of a New Book about Calvinism…

Preview of a New Book about Calvinism: Oliver Crisp’s Saving Calvinism: Expanding the Reformed TraditionI read and review both kinds of books here—ones for Calvinism and ones against Calvinism. I also read and review books for Arminianism and ones against Arminianism. I won’t claim to be impartial, but I do claim to strive for balance.My most recent post here was a review of a new book against Calvinism by an Arminian philosopher—theologian. Here I will preview a forthcoming book for Calv … [Read more...]

Does God Love Everyone? Review of New Book about Calvinism and Arminianism

Review of New Book about Calvinism and Arminianism: Jerry Walls’s Does God Love Everyone: The Heart of What Is Wrong with CalvinismYesterday I was asked by bright, eager, young Christian student of theology to identify “the one major difference between Calvinism and Arminianism.” Without hesitation I identified it the way evangelical Arminian philosopher Jerry Walls does in this book (published this year by Cascade Books, in imprint of Wipf and Stock): the character of God. On page 80 Walls w … [Read more...]

Wrapping Up “Why I Am an Evangelical, Arminian Christian” (Final: Part 10)

*The opinions expressed here are my own (or those of the guest writer); I do not speak for any other person, group or organization; nor do I imply that the opinions expressed here reflect those of any other person, group or organization unless I say so specifically. Before commenting read the entire post and the “Note to commenters” at its end. If your comment violates the rules stated there it will probably not be posted to this blog.**First read my first nine posts in this series; they pre … [Read more...]