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adventus absurdus

in the bleak midwinter… millions are unemployed, uninsured, and under pressure. widening gap between the haves and the have nots widening and gappening like mick jagger about to eat all of the billions of burgers mcdonald’s serves from the deforested brazillian rainforests turned into grazing land to feed our addictions to cheap bovine carcasses infused with hormones, antibiotics, and monsanto’s irreversibly genetically modified pastures.“corporate person” funded presidenti … [Read more...]

Food for the Fight: A Sermon for the “Occupiers”

The proverbial poop has hit the fan.The most recent stats and figures indicate that the percentage of of our fellow citizens who are poor is at the highest since the Great Depression and the gap between the haves and the have-nots is at an all time high. America is experiencing the train-wreck many have been predicting.The following sermon was one that I preached at Heritage United Methodist Church in the Ken Caryl area of Littleton, CO in April, 2004. I share it now because the masses … [Read more...]

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