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Bolder: A Poem

wearing soiled gloves and grimey coats that stink of maddog and night-train,on a cold october night, we can see our firey breath.we’re 12 scruffy long-beards huddled round a barrel in the alley behind the oddfellows hall on pearl st.4 of us used to have crew cuts and still have tattoos of eagles, globes, and anchors on our arms.5 of us need psychotropics and counseling  -- but don’t have anyone to prescribe them.a newspaper blows our way, but before we throw it in the fire to briefly … [Read more...]

A Lullaby We All Need To Hear

I recently realized that kid's birthday takes place in the same week as National Coming Out Day -- Oct. 11th.It dawned on me that even though he's presenting cues that he's probably straight, that I want him to know that I will love him just as much no matter what sexual orientation he lands upon as he grows. He knows about "LGBTQ" and that I'm the pastor of a "Reconciling" ministry and he's had a gay man and a bi-sexual individual among his babysitters over the years. Even though I'm a … [Read more...]