June 18, 2012 9:53pm

Homeschooling is usually associated with school-choice and privatization that come from the Right. Sadly, this is a caricature. Unschooling and deschooling are related to homeschooling in many ways, but, unlike homeschooling, they have more obvious history and bandwidth than the narrow Right. Here is an interesting, introductory lecture by Astra Taylor — a through and through Leftist — on her experience being unschooled. The conversation that follows the lectures is also very interesting.

The usual qualification applies: this is not an endorsement; I do not agree with every or most things in this lecture; those who know me know that my views on schooling are somewhat idiosyncratic. (If you want to hear a more raw, dramatic performance, watch this valedictorian address critiquing compulsory schooling.)

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