“Moronic Manhood” at Ethika Politika

My essay on manhood at Ethika Politika is something I’ve wanted to write for many, many years. In it, I try to expose what I find to be a rather clumsy and insulting (but sometimes hilarious) caricature of manhood that is very popular in some of the Catholic circles I run in.

Here’s an excerpt:

Yes, I want to become a better father, son, husband, and friend, to man and woman alike, as the man that I am, but I’m not sure that I need to watch Braveheart on repeat to do it or keep up with the latest motivational self-help being sold as an antidote. I sometimes wonder if being a “real man” is simply a matter of reading and retreating a lot about it. I certainly don’t need to watch Michael Voris or read Matt Walsh as they wax at head-nodding fans, feeding them as one might feed ducks in a park, showing their strongest and most visible virtues: smug certainty and preachy self-confidence.

Read the whole thing here.

I should add one last detail. Many of these “manhood” experts tend to be not only smug simpletons, like Voris and Walsh, a few of them have turned out to be quite hostile and rather angry in general. I’ll never forget seeing one such famous manhood author and priest yelling at a fellow conference team member in front of the attendees, for throwing a football. This sort of rage is idiotic and inexcusable and can only add to the many reason why we live in such a cultural morass.


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