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The New Moral Minority (And Why SCOTUS Arguments Are Nonsense)

 I came into political consciousness during the 90s. Rush Limbaugh's moral testimony against the character of Bill Clinton made an enormous impression on me. In July I wrote a lengthy account of the development of my political conscience where this is detailed in full. This formation led me to consider myself part of the "moral majority," an idealism that led me to reject George W. Bush in favor of writing in Alan Keyes in my first ballot.While many think my politics have changed dra … [Read more...]

3 New Things Trump Told Us in the First Debate

Last night's presidential debate was, by comparison, a moderately composed portrait of Trump. The comparison, of course, is to the GOP primary debates where, among other things, he made reference to the size of his penis. Anyone who saw those debates was not surprised last night by Trump's lack of focus and reasoning ability, his inability to hear and answer a question, his lack of detail and poor command of policy, his childish facial expressions and repetitions, his tired refrains, his … [Read more...]

“I cannot stand and sing the anthem.” – Jackie Robinson in 1972

pic.twitter.com/O8E13GTifn — Sam Rocha (@SamRochadotcom) September 2, 2016 … [Read more...]

The Tenacious Wit of Shea’s Apologetics

 Mark Shea is a convert to Catholicism who has spent nearly thirty years as an apologist, author, speaker and, in the digital age, blogger and online commentator. We used to call this type of person a public intellectual, and that is what I consider Mark to be. The classic public intellectual is not like today's version that, like me, takes refuge in an academic institution of some kind. A public intellectual lives on the back of their pen and, above all, their wits.Shea is also a p … [Read more...]

Voting is Immoral

 If one takes the view that morality is more than utilitarian, if you take the word "moral" to mean something beyond the reach of classroom ethics, into the realm of what is soulful and life-giving, if what is moral is opposed to nihilism, philistinism, and technocratic reductions to relativized objectivity, if what is moral is worth anything anymore, if we are not totally demoralized, if there is something more than an exercise in petty logic and economic calculation to morality, then … [Read more...]

What White Privilege Can and Cannot Do: A Clarification

 Yesterday's post on White privilege produced some thoughtful exchanges with readers and a key criticism emerged, accusing me of not knowing or understanding what "White privilege" is. I think it is a bit wrongheaded to talk about the concept of White privilege as a thing or an object, since it is really nothing more than an idea distilled from a short essay by Peggy McIntosh in the late 1980's. How that essay ever became dogmatic is a mystery to me, but I can see how and why it is an i … [Read more...]

Where White Privilege Will Not Go: White Poverty in America

 The questions of race, ethnicity, culture, and more are among the hardest to understand because they are almost impossible to consider with any honest sobriety. They tend to become projections, distorting mirrors, self affirming defences. When the different, but related, questions of racism, genocide, and cultural harm come into play, this is even harder to understand. I hope you will take this short and insufficient post as a way to perhaps think about such ideas as faithfully to … [Read more...]

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What do Simone Biles, Usain Bolt, and Katie Ledecky Have in Common?

What do Simone Biles, Usain Bolt, and Katie Ledecky have in common?They are Catholics competing in Hellenistic games. Poetic stuff. — Sam Rocha (@SamRochadotcom) August 15, 2016 … [Read more...]

Must Trump Say What He Means?

 I've written twice (here and here) on the curious case where "political correctness" has become a politically correct thing to invoke pejoratively on the right. Today I examine a different aspect of Donald Trump. We might call this Trump's Big Mouth Paradox. Here it is: Trump is famous for "telling it like it is" and not being "politically correct" yet he and his supporters continually have to clarify what he says and deny the things he seems to be saying.In other words, for s … [Read more...]

10 Lectures on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition at Breadbox Media

 In July I had the pleasure of teaching a one week seminar on the Catholic Intellectual Tradition at St. Mark's College where I am pastoral-philosopher in residence. Breadbox Media has graciously archived the ten lectures as a free podcast series. The first lecture is posted and each segment will be released in the sequence. I hope you enjoy them! … [Read more...]