At yesterday’s annual family Christmas gathering, my mom was asked to do the impossible: gather up my younger cousins and get them to sit still long enough for her to tell them the Christmas story. And, being the super woman that she is, she accomplished this task with seeming ease. She managed to capture the undivided attention of those eight rambunctious little boys and explain to them the beautiful message of Luke 2. She closed with: “When I see those beautiful, shining… Read more

I will be enjoying the holiday festivities for the next couple of days, so for all my readers out there, Merry Christmahanukkwanzolstice, from the Moon family. And a happy Gregorian Calendar New Year! I hope everyone has a great couple of days! Until next time, what are your favorite things about your favorite December holiday? Read more

“Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” A lovely little phrase. I first heard it while reading a Christian dating book (a book that was “accidentally destroyed maliciously,” which is unfortunate, because it was filled with enough awfulness to give me blog material for years) that my mother bought me in high school. I know my dear mother did not read this book before she handed it to me, otherwise she would have maliciously destroyed… Read more

1 in 6 boys will be sexually assaulted by age 18.* 1 in 33 men will be experience completed or attempt rape in his lifetime.* 52% of gay men will experience coercion from a partner* 22% of male prison inmates will be raped during their incarceration** Out of all the victims of murder by an intimate partner, about 1/4 are male.*** Even as victims, men who leave abusive female partners have a high risk of losing custody of their children.**** And, even… Read more

My previous post was a release of all the sarcastic comments that I have been holding inside since I became a feminist. It was a response to every negative comment that I received because of making that decision. I wanted to express my frustrations that so many people don’t believe feminism is relevant, that so many people think that women are now equal to men or even the new oppressors of men. That so many people believe equality is a… Read more

Note: Some people have spoken to me about being confused about my intent in this blog post. I would like to clarify that this is not an attack on the legitimate struggles that men face because of inequality. This is an expression of my frustration toward a culture that claims female advancement must be suppressed because it is contributing to the “downfall of men.” For more information, read my latest blog post. Thank you, and I’m sorry for any lack of… Read more

“Play your position!” I’ve read this illustration many times: ” If a goalie on the soccer team spends all his energy trying to score a goal, he hurts his team because he’s not playing his position.” True, true. Great advice. But then they continue. They always continue. “You’re a woman. You don’t need to be doing man’s work. You’ll hurt your family if you’re out pursuing a PhD instead of caring for your children. You’ll hurt your family if you… Read more

Yesterday I wrote about how I stopped letting the fear of getting a “bad reputation” run my life. Like Joan Jett, I stopped giving a damn. But when I learned to stop giving a damn, I also learned to start giving a damn. I learned to start giving a damn about the people that society/church told me to avoid, even when it hurts my social status. I learned to start giving a damn about injustice and inequality, even when it caused… Read more

This morning, I counted how many days it’s been since I last wrote something. Six days. Six long days where I was unable to write. At first, I wondered if I’ve had writer’s block. But, no. I’ve had so many ideas for blog posts lately that my brain can hardly juggle them all. No, writer’s block isn’t the problem. The problem is that I started giving a damn. Like most people, I spent the majority of my life giving a… Read more

I recently wrote a post about Harold Lauder, a character from Stephen King’s The Stand. I mentioned that Harold has a thing called “Nice Guy Syndrome.” One criticism of that post came from a man who complained, “Can’t be nice, can’t be a jerk! It’s tough being a male!” I’m truly sorry if anyone else got the vibe from my last post that I don’t like nice guys. That wasn’t my intent. In fact, I love nice guys. I’m dating one…. Read more

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