One of my favorite books of all time is Stephen King’s The Stand, an epic tale in which 99% of the human race is killed by a super-flu. The story follows the survivors, as they fight to make their way in a post-apocalyptic world. My favorite character in the book (and one of my favorite female literary characters of all time) is Frannie Goldsmith, a strong, pregnant, college-aged woman who loses everyone she knows to the super-flu- everyone, that is, except… Read more

This past Thursday was the happiest I’ve been in months. That’s a little weird to say because I didn’t have any big adventures or go to any cool concerts. I just got up at 9:00 am and walked to French class in the rain, and it was cold and my socks got wet. Then, I went to the doctor’s office and filled out papers and got needles shoved into my veins and stuff. But, as I mentioned in my last… Read more

I don’t remember exactly when I first started suffering from depression. It was probably around junior high. Back then, depression would waltz in and out of my life. It would stick around for a few days or weeks, then it would leave, and it would forget to call, and good riddance! When I started dating my abusive ex-boyfriend at age 16, depression decided to crash on the futon for a few weeks. Those weeks turned into months… …and years. The first… Read more

Last week, I participated in my university’s “Take Back the Night” event. We held a rally and a march in which we spoke out against rape and violence against women. Then, we held a speak out in which women shared their stories and their reasons for participating in “Take Back the Night.” It was a poignant, sobering, empowering, comforting, enlightening, beautiful night. Although I thoroughly enjoyed marching through fraternity row carrying signs and shouting, “Stop the silence, end the violence,” I… Read more

As long-time readers of my blog (you folks are awesome!) already know, I’ve dedicated this blog to saying the things that the Church is afraid to say–to being brutally honest about my own struggles and mistakes and life choices. I haven’t held much back. But I’ve got to be real with you all today. I’ve been hiding something. Something that I’ve been too proud to talk about. But it’s time for pride to go before a fall… It’s time for… Read more

I’m sorry my writing has been so sporadic lately. I’ve been busy with school and I’ve been fighting off a particularly bad bout of depression for a few weeks now. I’ll try to write as often as I can, but I need the extra rest lately. Thanks for understanding!  A couple of weeks ago, Mark Driscoll decided to preach a sermon telling people, “Some of you, God hates you,” and I decided to forgive him for that. I wrote a… Read more

I watched a video today that made me cry. That’s saying something, because my tear ducts are fairly selective about who they work for. I didn’t even cry on The Lion King (and yes, I do have a heart, thank you very much). But this video, a trailer for the film Miss Representation,  made me cry, in sadness and in anger. In desperation and in frustration. I sincerely hope you’ll take the time to watch it: This video made me cry because it hit… Read more

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Are you aware of domestic violence? Of course you know it exists. Turn on Lifetime for five minutes and you’ll figure that one out. But do we really understand what domestic violence looks like? When you think of an abusive relationship, you may think of physical violence, bruises, and yelling. But the fact is, in most cases, by the time these obvious symptoms appear, the abuse has probably been going on for while. The roots… Read more

God is love. God doesn’t hate anyone. God poured his wrath on on Himself, because He loved us too make us drink that cup. Mark Driscoll needs to be reminded of that. But, you know what? So do I. Sometimes I get this idea in my head that God hates all the same people I hate. Sometimes I believe that God hates Mark Driscoll. I won’t lie– Mark Driscoll isn’t my favorite person in the world. For one, he glorifies a part of… Read more

Can we talk about modesty? No, not about how women need to cover up their legs and chest to keep men from stumbling. Not about how women need to “respect themselves” by covering up (really, what does that even mean?). Not even about how there’s a huge double standard and how we don’t talk about male modesty as much and how women are visual too (though, we are. Seriously, folks) No, let’s talk about what modesty really is. And let’s… Read more

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