Today, as I was walking back from class, I noticed that my university’s token street preacher was out doing his thing– shouting at students, telling them that they were on their way to hell because of their sins of drunkenness, homosexuality, and fornication. You know the drill. I also noticed that he was accompanied by several people holding signs. I thought, “Great. He brought signs too this time?” But as I got closer, I realized that the sign-holders were students,… Read more

Those might be the most comforting words in the English language. But when you suffer from depression, they are sometimes very hard to believe. The book Not Alone: Stories of Living with Depression, edited by Alise Write, takes those words and brings them to life–makes them real and powerful. Not Alone is a collection of 37 true stories submitted by 37 different contributors. The contributors share their personal stories of their struggles with depression, and they don’t hold back. They don’t… Read more

Today’s guest post is from my good friend, Abe Kobylanski. I hope you’ll enjoy his thoughts about singleness and the church’s view of marriage! And be sure to check out his blog at Images and Words.  So, being a 27-year-old Christian male is pretty weird. The average marriage age for an American male is 28, so I still have a few months to go before I break that social norm. But if I had to guess, I would guess the… Read more

What’s life like as a Christian feminist? One word: Tense. It’s hard to feel completely at home with either group. The feminists that I know rarely agree with my Pro-Life stance on abortion. And the Christians that I know rarely agree with me on anything besides abortion. I hope I’ve managed to bridge a few gaps between the worlds. But wow, is there ever tension. I’ve had to sit through church sermons mocking feminists and I’ve had to sit through feminist… Read more

Do you ever feel the brokenness of the world? Do you ever hurt with the rest of humanity? Or groan with creation as it waits for redemption? Sometimes, in our individualist, self-centered society, we forgot the bigger picture. We forget that we are part of creation. That we are members of humanity. We forget that we were meant to be, as Rob Bell says, “connected with each other in one giant global embrace.” Knit together in love. Just like we… Read more

Is it wrong to steal a car? What if the owner of that car was basically asking for it to be stolen? What if the owner washed it every day so it was as shiny as possible? What if he left it in his drive-way for all the world to see? He didn’t make any attempts to cover it up. He didn’t hide how great of a car it was. What if he even let people from the neighborhood touch… Read more

I’ve never heard a pastor talk positively about the feminist movement. But when I read my Bible and see verses where Jesus tells Martha to get out of the kitchen and sit at his feet like a disciple, and when I see verses where Paul tells men in an oppressively patriarchal society to love, serve, and sacrifice for the “property” known as their wives, I can’t deny it… Jesus is all for setting women free. Jesus is all about overthrowing… Read more

Please read this article by Ben DeVries on Kurt Williams blog. It has a wonderful, beautiful point, and adorable animals. You can’t lose. Read it!  This post of mine is a response of sorts. I’m an animal lover. There’s no denying it. If you don’t believe me, check out my Facebook page. Chances are, my profile picture currently has at least one cat in it. I love animals. It’s actually weird for me to say that. I used to hate… Read more

The following is an exchange between Sarah the Thinker and Sarah the Feeler. Feeler parts are in parenthesis because I often attempt to skip over them as though they don’t matter as much. (But they do) I haven’t seen much of my abusive ex-boyfriend since we broke up. He didn’t stalk me or beg me to come back to him. He got over me faster than I got over him and he moved on and forgot I existed. So I… Read more

I started writing a blog post yesterday and I didn’t actually finish it. I published it anyway for some reason, and the result can be found here. I think I managed to put some semi-decent finishing touches on it and at least come to some sort of conclusion. I think. I didn’t actually proof-read it. I just hit the shiny, blue “publish” button and tried to forget. But I had really had a lot more to say. Somewhere in the middle… Read more

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