Reclaiming A Feminine Christianity: A Guest Post by T E Hanna


Today, I have a guest post for you all from T E Hanna. He shares his thoughts--from the perspective of a male pastor--on reclaiming and embracing feminine images for God. T E Hanna is the author of Raising Ephesus: Christian Hope for a Post-Christian Age and he writes regularly on issues of faith and culture on his blog at 2007, the Pew Forum for Religion and Public Life released a short synopsis of the gender makeup of the various world religions that shape the relig … [Read more...]

I watched John Piper and Douglas Wilson Talk About “Homosexuality, Abortion, and Race” for TWO HOURS

(Update: Now with 100% more Ron Swanson gifs, inspired by my Facebook friend Neal)Pray for me, friends. I shall need a few days to recover from this.A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that Douglas Wilson and John Piper  did a roundtable on the topics of "homosexuality, abortion, and race." I don't know what possessed me to do this, but I watched the dang thing, and I shared some choice quotes on Twitter yesterday.Much of this video was John Piper trying to excuse Douglas … [Read more...]

On Being A “Liberal Fundamentalist”

Lately I've noticed that many liberal Christians do this thing where they accuse other liberal Christians of being "liberal fundamentalists." Are these accusations of "liberal fundamentalism" warranted?I'm thinking back over the times when I or a friend of mine has been called a "liberal fundamentalist:"When I asked a popular Christian blogger to stop repeatedly using a slur. When a queer friend criticized the organization NALT because of Dan Savage's (who has a history of biphobia, … [Read more...]

Resurrection and the Surviving God


Content Note: brief description of a suicide attempt This past year, around Easter, I planned on writing some posts about crucifixion and resurrection. I found I couldn't really get past the former. I mean, I'm a skeptic on the idea of the literal resurrection of Jesus to begin with, but I found I couldn't even envision a risen God. A victorious living God.A suffering God? A dying God? An oppressed God? Yeah, I could see that. I could see that clearly. In fact, writing about the … [Read more...]

Must Reads!

Princess Buttercup attacks ALL the things.

Here are some important, interesting, and eye-opening posts. I've been excited all week to share some of these, so I hope you'll take the time to read them!B’reishit: The Divine Act of Self-Creation by Emily Aviva Kapor God speaks the world into creation; I speak myself into creation. Queer Creation: Queering the Image of God by Alan Hooker ‘Male and female [God] created them’. Male and female...The ‘and’ is not a binary ‘and’. Male and femalecan disclose a spectrum of varied gender identi … [Read more...]

Once Upon a Cheap Hotel Room

Content Note: Brief Mentions of Rape/Sexual Abuse[Disclaimer: This is a story of my personal experience, not a universal prescription for how people should react to sex. Obviously others have different experiences and what not. Those other experiences are valid, but so is mine] I didn't wait until marriage to have sex.If I'd heard someone admit that when I was younger, I might have gasped. I might have thought, "You didn't wait until marriage? What's wrong with you? How did you ever … [Read more...]

On Doing This Church Thing Again

A few years ago, I was in what I am starting to admit to myself was an abusive church relationship. I can't really go into all the ways that this church relationship reminded me of the one abusive romantic relationship I was in. There are too many and I haven't taken enough time to reflect on those yet. But here's some examples:The pastor dictated how we were to think and live. I'm not just talking, "Be nice and love each other!" I'm talking, once when Myspace was "the thing" (yeah, I … [Read more...]

“You Are Not Your Own:” Wrapping Things Up


This post is part of a series called“You Are Not Your Own,” focusing on rape and sexual assault in Christian relationship/dating booksContent Note: rape, sexual assaultWe've come to the last post in my series about rape and sexual assault in evangelical Christian dating books. Yup, that's right......It's time to kiss dating books goodbye. To sum up, there were four significant findings related to rape and sexual assault in these books:These books create an en … [Read more...]

Reminder: The Queer Theology Synchroblog is TOMORROW!

I originally  posted this a couple of weeks ago, but for those who still want to participate, I'm reposting as a reminder! Who Wants To Create Some Queer Theology? If you’re a regular reader of this site, you’ll know that I have a thing for feminist theology. I believe that, if there is a God who is anything like the God Christians talk about, she has a special place in her heart for the oppressed, the marginalized. For those who’ve been othered and treated as “less than” by the rest of society … [Read more...]

Joseph, Potiphar’s Wife, and Rape Culture in Our Sunday Schools

I love these veggies, y'all, but I can't even with this.

Content Note: RapeI recently read a post by Emily Wierenga entitled, "What I Want My Son to Know About Sex." There was a lot in the post that I disagree with, which isn't surprising. I'm not really on the same page as most evangelical Christians when it comes to sexual ethics. One line in this piece made me think, though. I wanted to talk about that line.Toward the end of her piece, Wierenga tells her son, I pray for you, that you will shine, that you will be a man among men, a leader … [Read more...]