I have a confession to make. For years, as the teachers and therapists have been talking about the importance of social skills for my cute little Asperger’s boy, I didn’t understand what they really meant. I thought that social skills meant socializing. Like, chatting with people, being polite, etc. But I had a huge realization this week, that I have been WAY OFF!   I stumbled onto this image on Pinterest (LOVE Pinterest!) and it outlined so clearly what social… Read more

We had been struggling to find a way to motivate my 9 year old son. And discovered that he was eager to earn money to get what he wanted without having to get permission from Mom and Dad. So we created this money chart. Our therapist suggested it, and I love it.   I adapt it often to reflect what we are currently working on. And as he masters each thing, we reduce the amount of money he will earn… Read more

I love social media. In my life I’ve lived all over the country. And social media helps me keep in touch with many friends from many places. I love to read what they are up to, and see their kids growing up. We share laughter, and memories online. I find that some of my friends are more comfortable posting on social media than they are picking up the phone. One friend was having surgery and hadn’t told anyone.   But… Read more

We used to live in Philadelphia. I loved our neighbors from so many different countries. I learned a lot from them. The greatest lesson was that we weren’t very different from each other. I learned we usually shared many of the same values.  No matter your religion or nationality, we want friends and to have good family relationships. Everyone wants a sense of purpose and to be able to grow and learn. Because of these similarities this current demonizing of… Read more

I can’t tell you how many times I have been told ‘No’. But there’s nothing worse than when you are asking God a question, or for something you really want, and His answer is ‘No’.  This week I got to talk to my son about getting answers to prayers. And he wanted to know why God says no instead of giving us what we ask for.  It was the first time in my life that I could stand at the… Read more

Telling your child that they have High Functioning Autism (Asperger’s) requires some preparation, and a specific frame of mind. And because telling your friends and family is also a challenge, I will also address that in this article. But before I say anything else, I must emphasize AUTISM IS A DIFFERENCE, NOT A DISABILITY. The only disability comes when we don’t provide help and a chance to overcome their struggles. I know a lot of people with Asperger’s who are… Read more

(This article was previously published on Abby’s page on LDS Blogs.com.) I was recently invited to speak to a group of Cub Scouts about Autism. Their pack was having a meeting about diversity, and I wasn’t the only speaker. They are so young. All of them are between 8 and 11. So I adapted my talk to their understanding, and focused on how they can be a good friend to someone who is different. It is a topic I think… Read more

I remember the day my son was diagnosed with Autism. It was a relief because we finally knew what the problem was. But it also made me terribly sad because I knew he would face a lot of difficulties no parent wants for their child. I cried. But then I got to work. Because, for me, I needed to be doing something about what I had just learned.   Time is of the essence   I knew from watching my… Read more

Earlier I talked about the importance of making your home a haven for your special needs child. Sensory disorders can really make the world a challenging place. And having a safe space to come home to really makes the difference. Today I would like to expand on how I’m working on creating that haven for my son.   Clothing   My son is very sensitive to different clothing. He won’t wear jeans or structured pants. He really doesn’t like socks,… Read more

I’ve been struggling to know what is best for my son for a while now. As you may know, I had to pull him out of school about a year ago because of severe bullying. Recovery from that trauma is ongoing, but for the most part he is finally back to his old self. I have been homeschooling him for the last year. And he has straight A’s. I am really proud of him. But I have noticed that even… Read more

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