There Is No Courage to Be Bipartisan Anymore…Except Naming Post Offices

Health care developments have deepened the divide. It’s SCHAEFFER & MOON. Read more

What about Some Solid Outrage from Fox News? And What About Your Jewish Friends In Hell?

Scalp-taking and salvation. It’s SCHAEFFER & MOON. Read more

The Importance of Kindness and Truth Are Being Challenged By Might-Makes-Right Hubris

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If Your Child Has Cancer, Which Version Of Biblical Oncology Do You Turn To?

How much of modern life is rooted in the ancient world? Schaeffer & Moon Read more

As Donald T Might Say: “The Bible is overrated”

Can people evolve morally beyond God? — Schaeffer & Moon Read more

Frank: ‘The Religious Right Invented Trump’s Fake News before He Was Born.’ Luke: ‘Um — No.’

MOON: Logic and reason are dead. SCHAEFFER: Um, no. Read more

O Evangelicals: What Good To Gain One Pro-Life Justice and Lose The Entire Country…and Your Own Soul?

SCHAEFFER & MOON on truth in the age of Trump. Read more

Life and Empathy Demand Trying To Minimize Suffering. And on That Ground, Trump Is Evil

Is refugees vs. babies a zero-sum game? It’s SCHAEFFER & MOON. Read more

Well, Let’s Have a Beer at Wild Goose and See Who Sucker-Kicks Whom

What do we need most in our leaders? It’s SCHAEFFER & MOON. Read more

Legalizing Abortion Opened the Door to an Alienated Attitude about Much More Than Abortion

SCHAEFFER & MOON on whether Roe v. Wade radicalized the Christian Right. Read more

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