Missing Lola

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Last week, we said goodbye to the best dog there ever was.

Dogs are such a cool gift from God. I mean, how do these slobbery, shedding, farting, furry creatures nuzzle their way into our hearts the way they do?

Lola was a lovable, happy-go-lucky dog who gave us so much joy over the years.

Putting her down was easily one of the toughest “grown up decisions” we’ve ever had to make. For the past couple of months I’ve been carrying her around the house and helping her use the bathroom because she had lost the ability to walk and stand due to a genetic disease. When we found out about the disease we were just hoping she would make it long enough to meet her future brother/sister. She did and we’re so thankful for that. Sucks for us now and we’re both crying like babies but we know we made the right choice for her. We’ll see you when we get there sweet Lola.

She’ll be dearly missed and we’re so thankful for the nine wonderful years she gave us. So show your dogs some extra love today and appreciate them while you can.

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 (She always loved reading the classics.)
UPDATE: Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who wished us well. We were overwhelmed by the response and it truly made us feel a little better about the whole situation. So thank you for telling your stories, offering condolences and just telling us we’re loved. We read the comments and though we can’t respond to all of them, we appreciate them all the same. Thank you!

Goodnight Sweet Lola Girl. We're gonna miss you every second.

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