My Favorite Thing About Being Married


Marriage is pretty awesome. [Read more...]

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What Are You Having for Breakfast? Try a Delicious Lo-Carb Scramble

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Need to drop a few pounds? I’ve got a breakfast recipe that can do just that. [Read more...]

The Art of Easter

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Happy Easter to everyone!  For those who didn’t get a chance to go to church, here’s a great Easter sermon by my pastor Ed Young. [Read more...]

What’s the Real Story of Easter? (and Why Does it Matter?)


As everyone knows, today is Good Friday, the day that Jesus was nailed to the cross to die for all man’s sins. If you know that much, you probably also know that he rose from his grave three days later and that is the reason we celebrate Easter. But what’s the real story? How does Jesus dying on a cross and coming back to life “save” us?  [Read more...]

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A Note about Catherine Lowe’s Instagram Post Yesterday

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Social media. Is it a great way to connect with others or was it created by Satan himself? This is a question I often ask myself.  [Read more...]

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This Easter, look at The Cross: The Ultimate “Reality Check”


When people ask me about my time on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, they usually say something like this:

“Well, there’s nothing real about reality tv.” [Read more...]

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Catherine’s Cauliflower Crust Pizza Recipe and Other Healthy Eating Tips


Sometimes eating healthy makes you want to jump off a cliff. [Read more...]

Cardio – The Missing Link of Your Workout Routine


I used to have a hard time understanding why my weightlifting and healthy diet weren’t creating the lean physique I wanted. Even though I spent a couple of hours in the gym each day lifting weights, I still wasn’t getting any leaner. Luckily I finally caught on to the missing link in my fitness routine – cardio. [Read more...]

Utah Officers Say Mysterious Voice Called Them to Rescue Baby Trapped in Car


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This will give you chills! [Read more...]

5 Ways to Complete Your 6-Pack – Fence Not Needed

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Today, we’re talking about abs. Real abs, not the ones made from a wire fence. [Read more...]