What is “Love?”

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Where do you find love?  How long does it take? [Read more...]

Two Dating Tips from Sean and Catherine Lowe

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We were with Jefferson Bethke recently, who asked us for some dating tips. [Read more...]

POLL RESULTS: New Top 3 Ladies on #TheBachelor


Last week’s poll got a lot of responses, and I’m sure you’ve been waiting for the results. Wait no more. Votes have been tallied, and here is the new Top 3 list of Bachelor contestants:

[Read more...]

POLL: Vote for Your Favorite #TheBachelor Contestant


Opinions can change in one scene on this show… what did you think of the latest episode? [Read more...]

POLL: Who Do You Want Sent Home on Tonight’s #TheBachelor?

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We were cheated out of a rose ceremony last week. Does that mean this week will be double jeopardy? [Read more...]

“Who Are You Really?” Coach Pagano’s Wise Words for All of Us

I was a Kansas State University athlete, which meant I had the honor of playing under one of the best college football coaches of all time, Bill Snyder.  While I was there, it was all too easy to start identifying myself as “one of the team.” Everywhere I went,  wildcat gear could be found. Plus, games would be broadcast nationally every week.

It was a little heady.

That’s why this story about Chuck Pagano struck me so much.  He was only 3 games into his first season coaching the Colts when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Thankfully, it was a treatable form, but he had to leave his team for 12 games to undergo treatment. How would they fare with such a crisis in the middle of an already-transitional season? [Read more...]

POLL RESULTS: Who You Would Have Sent Home on The Bachelor

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After week 5 of The Bachelor, who did you think didn’t deserve a rose? [Read more...]

POLL RESULTS: Your Top 4 Ladies on The Bachelor after Week Five


Who were your favorite ladies on The Bachelor after Episode 5?

The “top 4″ list has two new faces, while two stayed the same. Here’s how you voted: [Read more...]

My Appearance on The 700 Club: “I Never Wanted to Say Goodbye to Catherine”

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The whirlwind media appearances continue!  Check out me on The 700 Club, where I’m asked about how I chose Catherine, about the camera guys and producers lingering near the “romantic dates,” and how my faith informed the show. [Read more...]

Watch Catherine and Me Discuss the Concept of “Soulmates”


Some of you may remember the blog post that went viral titled “Dear Andi, Josh is Not Your Soulmate.”  Of course, I wasn’t picking on the former Bachelorette.  Instead I was echoing a sentiment my Papa used to tell me. [Read more...]