Should Christians be on Reality TV?


I get it all the time.

When people hear I’m a Christian, and also that I met my wife on The Bachelor, their eyebrows raise in either confusion or disappointment.

“How can a Christian watch a show like The Bachelor,” they ask.  Even more to the point, “how could you be on a show like that?”

Here’s my answer. [Read more...]

POLL RESULTS: Here’s Who You Wanted Sent Home on #TheBachelor (Week 3)


I asked who should go home after last week’s episode of The Bachelor. What did you say? [Read more...]

Why Did I Write a Book? Was It Hard to Do?

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I’ve gotten quite a few questions over the past few months about my book. [Read more...]

Patriots’ Vince Wilfork Pulls Woman From Flipped Jeep with One Hand

Vince Wilfork had quite a day on January 18. First his team won the AFC Championship, securing their place in the Super Bowl. Then he rescued a woman from a car crash (single-handedly, you might say). [Read more...]

POLL RESULTS: Who You Like on Week Three of #TheBachelor

bachelor couches

The results are in… who are the favorites on this season of The Bachelor after week three? [Read more...]

POLL: Who Should Go Home on Week 3 of The Bachelor?

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It’s week three, and there are still plenty of ladies to be eliminated. Take my poll below and let me know who you think should go home at the end of this episode. [Read more...]

POLL: Who’s Your Favorite on #TheBachelor So Far?

Bachelor ladies We’ve had a couple weeks to see the ladies on The Bachelor in action. Can you keep their names straight yet? Who’s your favorite so far? Let me know in this poll! [Read more...]

10 Things I’ve Learned Since My Wedding Day

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Marriage will teach you a lot. That’s what happens when you put two different people together for life. You learn about each other, and even more, you learn about yourself, whether you want to or not. It makes you both grow, and that’s awesome.

I’ve been thinking about some of those revelations, some of them serious and some not so much, and thought I’d share them with you. So here’s 10 things I’ve learned from being married:

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How I Bored Emma Stone All the Way to the Oscars

Emma Stone Flickr

I’d like to think I’m good at a lot of things in life. Among those things are sarcasm, Texas Hold Em, eating pizza, drinking coffee, playing kickball, and laser-tag. But I’m especially good at one thing- talking people into a comatose-like state.  [Read more...]

Former NFL Player Rob Konrad Swam for 9 Hours After Being Thrown from his Boat


You won’t believe this amazing survival story. [Read more...]