UPDATE: Dying for fame? 3 points to ponder after third #Bachelor contestant commits suicide

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Lex McAllister, a contestant on the season of “The Bachelor” which featured Jake Pavelka, died earlier this month of apparent drug overdose.  I haven’t mentioned her death, because — honestly — what is there to say?  I didn’t know her and I definitely didn’t want to speculate on why a woman would take her own life.  But some of you may remember Gia Allemand (from the same season) hanged herself in 2013.  In 2010,  Julien Hug, a “Bachelorette” contestant from the Jillian Harris season, shot himself in the head. [Read more…]

To Vail and Back

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You probably saw I was in Vail with my friends, where we did more than ski.  @claytonsilver and I ate a whole mess of crepes — really thin pancakes – at @crespellevail after a long day of getting beat up by the mountain. [Read more…]

I crawled into bed, ready for sleep, but what Catherine said absolutely gobsmacked me


I’m spending this week in Vail skiing with some of my best friends. I haven’t taken a guy’s trip since my bachelor party.  Since Catherine can’t ski during pregnancy, we both thought it’d be a good idea to spend some time with my buddies before the baby comes. [Read more…]

Vail adventure – Where I am right now

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My Pandora stations versus Catherine’s – which are better?

Isn’t Pandora great? I pretty much listen to Pandora all day — at home while I work, in the car while I drive and at the gym while I’m working out. A person’s Pandora stations say a lot about them. In the Lowe’s case, it says opposites must attract, because our stations couldn’t be any more different. We thought it would be fun to list our top 10 most listened to stations and see what you guys think.

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An obnoxious amount of Valentine’s Day decorations

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This year I wanted to surprise Catherine by putting up an obnoxious amount of Valentine’s Day decorations. [Read more…]

Oklahoma City Thunder coach calls for forgiveness in powerful speech at wife’s memorial service

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You may have seen this in the news, but the 44 year old wife of Oklahoma Thunder assistant coach Monty Williams died after a head-on collision when an oncoming car veered across the center lane. The driver of that car died at the scene. She and her husband have five kids — between the ages of 5 and 17.

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Ben, here are 5 tips to stop your Bachelor fairytale from turning into a tabloid headline

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It’s about that time of year again- time when old man Lowe puts on his brown wool sweater, sits on his creaky rocking chair, untwists the foil wrapping of a Werther’s Original, and regales us with stories of what it was like when he was the bachelor and what today’s bachelor needs to do to have a long-lasting, happy relationship with the one he chooses. [Read more…]

Ronda Rousey’s sad suicidal confession and what it can teach us all

Something you may not know about me: I’m a huge UFC fan. And even more surprising, I’ve turned Catherine into a fan of the sport too. We order just about every pay-per-view fight and cheer on our favorites. If you haven’t watched it, mixed martial arts is one of the most exciting sports out there today.  [Read more…]

Baby’s first photo (and I only cried twice)

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The good news: baby is perfectly healthy- praise God! The bad news for both baby and mom: baby apparently has a big head like daddy. But how freakin’ cute is my wife? [Read more…]