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Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 1.36.44 PMOne of my favorite things about having a blog is being able to communicate with you in more than 140 characters or less. [Read more...]

What’s More Important to Manny Pacquiao than Winning a Fight?

Any fight fan (even the most casual sports fan) knew about the Mayweather – Pacquiao fight on Saturday night. It was called the fight of the century, and the world was watching.

You bet I forked over the pay-per-view to see it… I order most fights anyway so you know I wouldn’t miss this one!”

But what I find even cooler than the fight itself is this: Manny Pacquiao’s character. [Read more...]

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What We Did This Week to Celebrate Catherine’s Birthday… and More!


This week has been pretty incredible. It started with Catherine and I jumping on a plane to Orlando so that we could help celebrate the grand opening of the Orlando Eye (a giant, 400 foot ferris wheel). During the grand opening celebration, we had the honor of presenting a young girl from Make a Wish a check for $30,000. Not only that, we spent Catherine’s birthday at Disney World.  [Read more...]

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One Way to Find Joy and Keep It

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.07.54 PM


Isn’t it crazy that in our wealthy, prosperous, abundantly-blessed American lives, we can still struggle with joy? [Read more...]

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Inspiration from Arie at the Texas Motor Speedway

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.11.48 PM

Saturday night I had the chance to watch my good friend and former Bachelorette cast-mate Arie Luyendyk Jr. race his Torc Off-Road truck at the Texas Motor Speedway. I had no idea I would enjoy it so much! I’ve never been to any type of auto race so the whole experience was new for me. Not only was it fun to watch but there was something really cool about watching my friend pursue his passion.  [Read more...]

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Why You Should Never Say: “I Just Want to Make You Happy.”


“I just want to make you happy.”

That’s a common sentence you hear in romantic movies, uttered from one lover to the other. It sounds so good! Finally, there’s another person dedicating themselves to MY happiness. What could be better?

[Read more...]

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Life Lessons from Ben Affleck’s Slave-Owning Ancestor Saga


Does your family have any dark secrets hiding in the past? What if they were discovered and aired on national television? [Read more...]

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That Time I Crashed a Bachelor Viewing Party and It Broke My Heart: My “Micaela’s Army” Story


Three years ago I received an email from an old friend of mine named Ruthie who worked at the children’s hospital in Dallas. I had recently returned to Dallas after shooting The Bachelorette and the show had just begun to air on TV. Ruthie told me a story that was so touching, it nearly brought me to tears.  [Read more...]

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Do American Christians Have the Courage of the Kenya 147?

Silhouette of soldier

Like many of you, sometimes I hate watching the news. So many horrific stories have become commonplace, but we can’t shut our eyes to them. [Read more...]

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My Favorite Thing About Being Married


Marriage is pretty awesome. [Read more...]

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