He gets his giggle from his mama. Read more

If these tweets aren’t good, it’s because Catherine isn’t here to tell me if they’re funny or not. Read more

This is what happens when Catherine is away. Read more

She shows me selfless love, but — if I’m honest — I’m not sure I’ve shown it back. Read more

Swipe right, swipe left – do this instead. Read more

Whether you know it or not, this is very true. Read more

Time for Old Man Lowe to put on his comfy knit sweater, unwrap a Werther’s Original, and regale everyone with stories of how it was when he was the bachelor many years ago. Read more

Sure, it’s fun watching the show. But it’s also fun tweeting the show. Read more

We went to Winter Park, and Samuel barely noticed. Babies are dumb like that. Read more

What about you? What promises are you making yourself? Read more

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