#MandaStrong – What Is Happening with My Sister’s Friend

[This is a guest post by my sister Shay. whom many of you "met" on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor.  (She sort of stole the show.)  Please read, pray, "like," and support her friend.]
Back in February 2009, I blogged about my one of my closest friends Manda and her battle with cancer.  Manda had cancer as a child and had part of her calf amputated when she was five.  After that she was in remission.When we met as young marrieds about 9 years ago, we became instant friends.  Manda might actually be the nicest person I know.

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My Epic iPhone 6 Giveaway!


Do you want a free iPhone 6 Plus? Of course you do!!!  [Read more...]

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Examining The Bachelor and Bachelorette Selection Process: “Category Soul Mate” and “Category Crazy”


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I Really Shouldn’t Tell You This, But…


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Let The Air Fill Your Cheeks Today


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How to Get an Autographed Copy of my Book, an iPad Mini, and Other Cool Stuff


My publisher really wants you to start pre-ordering my book now, so they’ve set up a few bribes…  um… incentives.  If you order one book — and send them the receipt — you get these free bonus items when the book comes out: [Read more...]

Big Announcement: I’ve Written a Book!


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Think Before You Twitter: Advice from 1943


After writing my piece about Damian Holbrook’s Twitter wars, I came across this.  “Think Before You Twitter” was the headline of this advice column from the Boston Globe, circa 1943.  [Read more...]

A Message for TV Guide Writer Damian Holbrook: Sent from my iPhone


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Flashbacks, Not Flashdance: Take my DWTS Survey


With the premier of Dancing with the Stars, I’m remembering the fun times I had being out in California with Catherine, trying to learn the cha-cha, and generally showing the world I had two left feet.

But I have to ask — who are you guys pulling for this season?  I have to admit, Dancing with the Stars was super fun…  but I’m sort of glad it’s not me in the sequins this season!

Tell me who you’re pulling for in the survey below, and we’ll see if we end up agreeing with the rest of America!