Want Some Advice? You’re Getting it Anyway.

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Whether or not you’re in counseling, you are receiving “counsel” from people all day long. [Read more...]

Caught In Her Web

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This is Catherine. She’s my best friend and she’s also my wife. I met and fell in love with Catherine on a reality show. People always ask me how and when I knew she was “the one”. I guess it was right around the time we took a little trip to Thailand. Sure there were two other girls on the trip, but something was settling in my heart about Catherine and I knew it was there to stay- I didn’t want to say goodbye to her… ever. Everyone who knows Catherine knows that she’s sweet, kind, smokin’ hot, goofy, caring, and funny. But my love for her grew beyond just those noticeable traits, I was falling in love with the idea of going through life with her. I managed to make it twenty-nine years before ever feeling this way, and then Bam! She had me stuck in her web of love and there was no getting out. For the first time in my life, I wanted to live my life for someone other than myself.

“So what’s my point of telling you all of this?” you may be asking yourself. Well, sometimes I just feel like telling people how incredibly grateful I am for God’s blessings in my life and Catherine is certainly at the top of that list.

So in conclusion, my wife is hot and I’m in love. I hope you found this post both informative and inspirational. Thank you for your continued support of this weird and unconventional “journey” of ours. Have a great weekend!

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Our Surprising “Ice Bucket Challenge”

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The Giver: For the First Time, I had Faith


I got to see a special screening of The Giver and LOVED it.  Here’s a great trailer that focuses on faith, to whet your appetite for tonight’s debut.

(If you’re going to see it, take a selfie at the movie theater and tweet it to me!  I’ll make a special blog post of all the people who went to the movies tonight to see this great film! #TheGiver)
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